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Hi everyone! I just wanted to shift focus for a moment away from stitching to share this poem I wrote. I wrote this poem while looking at a candle that I had lit in honor of the VT family. (VT - Virginia Tech) I don't normally share my writing at all but something told me to share this one. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll just say's a shame I even had to write it. :(

As I sit here and watch
this flame rise from its wick.
It reminds me of the flames that once burned in your eyes
and how they were extinguished so quick.

Just like the flame dances on the wall
a fluttering motion; quick and fleeting.
And how it must have been like that in that hall
watching those you called your own fall.

To have such a strong presence
just as this flame lights the room
To know that each one of your faces
were far too young and never allowed to bloom.

So I light this candle in honor of you
the strong, the weak, the bold, and the brave
You professors, students and loved ones
taken too soon to your grave.

May your memory stand with us all
not just because of this day.
But due to the love, happiness and strength
you brought in each of your own special ways.

We’ll never forget those colors
the orange and maroon.
The tragic day
when 33 were lost too soon.

X Stitch X

Hi everyone! Hope this finds you well! I got an early Easter present...SNOW! That's right..SNOW! Woke up this morning to a lovely dusting of white stuff coating all the trees and flowers. It was actually quite beautiful just a bit odd to see Dogwoods covered in snow. LOL It is supposed to be cold for the next few days and then warm up again. I'm am sure everyone that has bought a new Easter outfit is quite upset at the idea of having to crush their sundresses with heavy coats. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!! And I offer you an Easter cartoon:

Miscommunication at it's Finest

Enjoy everyone!! :) God bless! Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X