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Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

A Poem by Me:

The time is nigh, the air is right
for the spooks to come out
on Halloween night.

They'll rise at the strike of dusk
climb out of the shadows
from behind the corn husks.

They'll put on their best scary faces
and hide away
in the most unsuspecting of places.

After the screams are done
and the moon is high
The spooks will know their fun is gone.

Until this time next year
on a crisp fall night
when the spooks again cheer...

Happy Halloween and to many a good fright!!!!

Just wanted to wish all my blogging friends a VERY happy and safe Halloween!! Enjoy all the tricks and treats!! Hehe....

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Hi everyone! It appears that blogger is not letting pictures go no "emoticon" for tonight. :P But I am feeling a bit icky tonight as I'm fighting off a case of the icky stomach. No worries...just temperature changes as it's gone from really cold to hot in a day...and my stomach doesn't like that. :P So I've been taking it easy..and stitching. Plus I've been thinking of my answers from my Tag. Thanks Ali :)

Here you go! Enjoy!

1) One book that changed your life: Hmm..I don't really have one that altered my life in that way. Just leaves me time to find one. :)

2) One book that you’d read more than once: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I ADORE that book!

3 One book you'd want on a deserted island: A great collection of Short stories or poetry. That would keep me plenty occupied during my "vacation". LOL

4 One book that made you laugh: Daisy Fay and Miracle Man by Fannie Flagg

5) One book that made you cry: The Diary of Anne Frank. To think she went through that much pain and suffering, only to have a smile on her face till the bitter end. It's truly heartbreaking yet inspiring as well.

6) One book you wish you’d written:

7) One book you wish had never been written: Ulysees by James Joyce. No offense to the modern English majors, like myself, but those last 50 pages of pure conscience thought is unbearable!

8) One book you’re currently reading:Nothing at the current moment except I'm in baking mode.

9) One book you’ve been meaning to read: Memoirs of a Geisha that is once is EVER gets back in the library!!!

10) Tags: Anyone who reads this and hasn't been tagged already.

Well back to the stitching..and resting. *BIG HUGS* Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

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Howdy do blogging friends!! Just a quick post tonight..have a bazillion things to do..but wanted to show off my latest finish! It's a birthday card for my friend Patti! Hope you like it! It's Birthday Blessings from Lizzie Kate...with my own color changes..and some pizzaz! Hehe....

More to come soon....I promise..just have lots to do tonight!

Happy Stitchin everyone!

X Stitch X

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Howdy do blogging friends! First, let me thank you all for the Happy Birthday wishes! They were greatly appreciated and I hope you took the time to have a little celebration of your own. Not much, maybe just treated yourself to an ice cream cone or something. Hehe...Since I couldn't fly every one of you to my house for a giant Stitching's the best way you could have celebrated with me. :)

I had a very nice day!! T went off to work as he was going to take the day off, but because the rain was coming down in buckets, we held off on our "day". No biggie. I stayed at home and stitched! Whoo hoo!! Worked on a birthday present for a dear friend of mine. I know I know..I hear you all shouting, "WAIT!'s YOUR birthday and you are working on something for someone else?!?!?! Have you NO stash for yourself?!" LOL Yes I do...but her birthday is VERY close to mine and I had to do it. Thank goodness it's a quickie design that I should finish up tonight....

Here is a WIP of it: Birthday Blessings by LK with added color changes ;)

Doesn't seem like much stitching I know..and no I don't stitch that slow. LOL It's just stitching was interspersed with baking Carrot Cake cupcakes, making mix for sloppy joes, and other things. Trust me, all relaxing! Hehe..Even listened to Christmas music while stitching! LOLOL *Close your mouths* LOL Anyhoo, tomorrow is our play day! YAY!! :) So more on that later....

Now, I've been tagged by Zohrah so here you go:

The rules; List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

1. Broken - Lindsey Haun
2. Wonderful Tonight - Hullabahoos (UVA acapella group)
3. Soundtrack to Your Life - Ashley Parker Angel
4. Patience - Guns and Roses
5. Ring the Alarm - Beyonce
6. Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober (LOL)
7. White and Nerdy - Weird Al

Tagged: Renee,
Jenna,Outi,Cindy,Lani and whoever reads this post! :)

Happy Stitchin!!! Have a good one!

X Stitch X

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Howdy do blogging friends! Well today is my last offical day of being 27. *sniff sniff* Tomorrow I will be 28 and in the midst of a wonderful rainy day of stitching. Hehe..:) So how did I spend my last day of 27?? Simple, I finished up a few things. I completely finished this wall hanging for a long overdue present.

I also worked on a the Santa Moon which I'm almost done with. Yay! :) Picture will come soon. Other than that, it was just a lazy day. Hehe...tomorrow will be my day! I don't know what I'm going to do yet, probably some stitching will be somewhere amidst the day. I'll also review my Birthday Goals. I write down five goals on my birthday to aim to have completed by next birthday. It is always an eye opening experience. :)

But anyhoo, I'm off to sleep now...and wake up a year older...and a year wiser. :)

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

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Long time no see blogging friends. LOL I'm still here...just busy stitching on Christmas ornaments. I have to limit my computer time somehow or else I'll have to send little packages of fluff with a note that says, " I'm sorry. You would have a Christmas ornament in this package but I couldn't strip myself away from the computer". Not really a nice sentiment. LOL However, I do still try to make somewhat of an effort to read my friend's blogs just so I don't have the police knocking on my door wondering if I'm still alive. LOL

Today was a good day! I had my monthly stitch-in with my friend R at the local LNS. She was working on a Christmas ornament from Lizzie Kate in the JCS 2003 issue and I started the other half of the Quaker Heart. I didn't actually get much stitching in as I was telling her all the city adventures and such. She said she had a birthday present for me which half was back at her house and the other half wasn't there yet. So she thought about giving me the half she had, but realized it wouldn't make much sense without the other. LOL I was just happy enough to be special to her to have something specially ordered for me. *big grin* So eventhough my birthday is Tuesday, she said I could celebrate when her package comes too. LOL

I came home and started a Christmas ornament. It's a freebie from Heartstrings and is a Santa Moon. Of course, for those that know me, the threads are completely different from what the pattern suggests and I will add my own "flair" towards the end.'s for an exchange I"m in. Plus I dyed some fabric today a certain color for a Mail Art envelope I have to do..but can't say the color or pattern as she comes on here. Hehe....

Now as to why my mood is StarStruck is because last night I went to the Online Needlework Show and have found many new designers that I like!! So many pretties...but I have not won the lottery yet. :P LOL The one "splurge" I'm having for my birthday for myself is I put in an order for one pattern which of course I'm stitching for someone else. LOL Not much of a splurge....though I'll end up stitching the pattern for me too. I don't know what T has planned yet...but I do know one of my birthday wishes is I'd LOVE to get some more threads from Carrie's Threads. Such pretty colors....*drool* Hehehe....We'll see.

So that's what I've been up to. It's now COLD here and the leaves are starting to change. I'm thinking of going up to the mountains to view the I'll take pictures to share with my blogging friends. I'll also post pictures of the ornament and such....just be patient with me. :)

Alright..happy stitching everyone!!! *BIG HUGS*

X Stitch X -- who turns an ancient 28 on Tuesday! *scared face* LOL

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Howdy do blogging world! Since it's a cold and rainy day, I thought I'd share some sunshine about my past few days. :) Let's what went on the past few days??? *the thinker position* Ah yes!! I went to the big city to meet my Stitchy Gramma! Hooray!!! The Big city was Washington, D.C. and was an eye opener to say the least. I got a glimpse of just how long I had been a country girl eventhough I grew up in big cities. LOL It was a bit embarassing, especially the part when I blurted out loud, "What is open after 8pm???" *blushes* It's funny how comfortable to your own area you can get. LOL But anyhoo, on to Gramma. We went for lunch with her new hubby at a place called Trio. It believe it's on 17th street...the 1700 block..but don't quote me on that. It was pretty good, I got the Cobb Salad but didn't eat much of it. I suppose their definition of Cobb Salad is quite different from mine. Gramma had the Veal Parmasean and I don't remember what Ross had except that it had French fries because Gramma kept stealing them. LOL It was a lovely visit..though I did most of the talking....Gramma is like that. :) It was just so wonderful to meet them finally and her hubby is a sweetie! They truly at the tender age of 40somethings are so in love like kids.'s refreshing to see another lovely couple work. :)

After lunch, we went back to the lobby of the hotel they were staying at. I set them free and told them to go to the National Mall to go museum hopping. So we departed...but not before taking a few pictures. :) I look horrible in them all!! :P I'm not photogenic at all...bah! But it was a lovely visit..we only wish we could have found a Stitchy store..LOL

Other than that, since I've been back home..I've been playing who do I owe and what. I have gotten behind on my mailings of contest prizes, IOUs, wish list items..etc. So I'm desperately trying to get caught up and I'm almost there. Yesterday was fob day! I had my bead boxes all over the bed making is a picture of a few I made:

Just a small description: One is blue/lime green with a ivory tassel and a four leaf clover charm. One is red/yellow with a black tassel and a lady bug charm. The last one is red/green with a red tassel and a snowman charm. I still have one more to make but the color scheme hasn't popped into my head yet. :)

Nothing much on the stitching front...just a few more initial magnets. I desperately need to get started on some of my Christmas ornaments here soon..or else they'll be for next Christmas! LOL At least everyone's is all that's better that I usually do. LOL I used to not have them planned till the end of October...;) Oh yes and I'm redoing a Binky Square! Would you believe that the thing was completely stitched and something nagged at me to check the requirements again to which I found out that it needed to be on WHITE and I used IVORY!!!! Gasp!!! Thank goodness though it was an easy Binky Square! If I had been one of the Stoney Creek ones, you would have heard me scream wherever you stand right now. LOL

Ok..well I'm off to go stitch..have a few more initial magnets to make..and a few more IOUs to send out. Thanks to those that have been waiting patiently for something from me...:)

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X (11 days till my *gasp* bday!)

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Howdy do blogging world! Whoo hooo! I'm so excited!! Why, you may ask. Well, I have FINALLY obtained a copy of the JCS Ornie Issue 2006!! YAY! I have to say that this issue is pretty good....there are several ornies I'd do for myself. LOL Since I never seem to stitch for myself, that's saying something. But Stitch, it's just a magazine issue, no need to jump up and down for that, right?

There's more!! Tomorrow I'm going with T to visit a friend of his and a friend of mine! Hooray!! It's my Stitchy Gramma! She's not my blood Gramma but she "adopted" me as her stitchy granddaughter a while ago when she found out I got burned in an exchange. Ever since then, we've emailed each other and always wanted to meet. Well, she's coming to a city nearby with her NEW hubby and I get to meet them!! YAY!!!! T will be busy too with his friend, G who is an old colleague of his. We are going up there for the night..and coming back Tuesday..maybe..hehehehe :) So I will have pictures and stories to share on Wednesday..if you can hold out till then.

One more exciting thing is mail related. On Saturday, I went to the PO to check my mail and run some errands. Got a few catalogs and a few notes from some stitchy friends, which is always a good thing. Then there was a surprise!! I got a small package from Down Sunshine Lane that inside was a pattern that was just too perfect for me! Whomever sent it to me, knows me WAY too well! LOL I say whomever because there was no note or anything in the envelope, just the pattern. Soooo...I hope my stitchy angel comes out soon. I was thinking it might have been an early Birthday present..(Oct 17th for me)..but surely they would have sent a note along with it, right??? Come out, come out wherever you are......

Oh here's the link to the pattern: DownSunshineLane
(It is the very first one called Shazaam!)

So off to go finish packing..and I'll see you on Wednesday! Hehe...

On the stitching front, just been working on Initial magnets...:)

Happy Stitchin!!!

X Stitch X