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(Does anyone else think bongos when looking at that picture???)

Howdy do blogging world! Tis Friday! Yeehaw!!! The yellow blob has decided to hang out for the whole weekend..of course his bratty punk of a child heat is here too..but I don't care as long as the yellow blob stays. :) Busy day today!! For the past two days, I have cleaned the bathroom (ugh) did some laundry, baked some cupcakes (that I hear made certain people seize with delight while consuming...), gone to the grocery store and written some letters. (Notice how stitching was not a happy member of that a family) So needless to say, I've been busy! HAha! It's great! Of course in doing all of those things, my stitching has once again resumed to calling out to me in my sleep. It's quite odd actually to have a lovely dream of walking in a museum with some hunk of a man..(T of course ;) ) and to notice that all the pictures are your WIPs! ACK! Do not encourage me to go to therapy as I'm sure the shrink wouldn't even believe that story. :P

Thus brings up the four day weekend. T is home...and we have plans. Do any of these include stitching? Reading, writing, stuffing our faces...spending time together...but no plans of picking up the needle. *sigh* So once again it will call out to me while I sleep....*Roger Rabbit Voice*...Prreeettyy Preeease...stitch me...

But enough of my babbling about my lack of's Friday! Whoo hoo!! Time once again for everyone's favorite schedule activity....the late SBQ of the I'm never on enjoy!

What do you do with your charts once you’ve stitched them? Do you keep them or dispose of them? If you keep them, do you organize them in a way that is different from the way you keep your unstitched charts?

Actually finish stitching an entire chart??? Is that what the main object of cross stitching is??? Ohhhhhhhhh....:) But seriously, to those that "dispose" or get rid of charts after having stitched them ONCE...please in the comment section leave your name and address as I would like to raid your house!!! *gasp* I can't believe people actually do that...the ONLY stitching that I have gotten rid of are those patterns that at the time I adored..and now think..what the hell were you thinking?? As for keeping my charts, they are all the same..mashed together in some sort of organized chaos in an accordian file thingy. (I say thingy as I don't know the actual term of the..well thingy) But I retort to my original are actually supposed to FINISH something????? ;)

Happy Canada Day to all those up North of Me!! *waves*

Happy Fourth of July weekend..(even though the actual holiday is Tuesday) to all us Americans! *waves*

and Happy Day to the others not celebrating..or celebrating a holiday I don't know about..;)

Happy Stitchin!

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Howdy do blogging world! First off let me welcome my new members to my blog. Welcome! Feel free to just jump right in and stay as long as you like. :) Now the title..yes..that big yellow blob came out today. *angels sing* I had forgotten what it looked like as I hadn't seen it in so long. Good thing I remember that looking directly into the sun for an extensive amount of time can turn your eyeballs to mush..haha. It was nice though to see his smiling face and hopefully he'll stick around for a little while. Though he can keep his little bratty punk of a child, the heat, at home. :P I don't need much more of him.

Anyhoo, haven't done much in the way of stitching. I know I know...only a few more weeks till the SWC is over...yadda yadda...and I haven't finished one..blah blah...I hear you!! :) I wish those little voices in my head would take a vacation sometimes..;) However, that is what four day weekends are for. I have one coming up this weekend! YAY!! T is off from we will be hanging out and just being. LOL It's our nation's Independence day on Tuesday, July 4th. Wonder if our forfathers would be proud of what we've become?? Hmmm....

So no mail on Tuesday..bah! Not that I get any anyway..:( Oh sure, I get plenty of people I've never heard of begging me for money....who the heck is Master Card anyway and why did his poor mother curse him with that name???? ;) Maybe I'll take some of my four day weekend and write some letters...snail mail style. Guess that's the only way I'm going to get happy to send some. LOL

Have a good one!! Off to go feed the storing. :)

Happy Stitchin!!

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Greetings from soggy and wet my neck of the woods! Mother Nature is a very funny character. I believe now that if you constantly complain about how she's running things, like a woman she will unleash her wrath on you. Thus explains the three days+ of straight rain we have gotten. Mainly due to the foolish idiots, mostly male, prediciting the weather at the local weather stations. They have been griping non stop about the lack of 2 or three inches of rain in their precious little guages for months now. No offense, I'll go sweat a couple of inches in that cup for you!! :p Anyhoo, their griping must have reached Mother Nature's ears and she's tired of it, thus launching a rain storm without end. Not that I mind the rain as it's quite peaceful and calming, but day wait..I better not complain or the East Coast will turn into the Sahara Desert...

Anyhoo, I'm going out tonight..for a burger. T's treat! :) I don't crave red meat often but when I do, it's like a leech; it won't go away until red meat is sitting in my stomach. :) Yay!! Of course my other craving is M&Ms. Peanut, plain...doesn't matter. THose little globes of chocolately goodness are my weakness! Much like a gold card and a stitcher having carte blanche of an LNS. Dangerous combo! :) So since you have read this blog..that is your payment. Since I entertain you for a miniumum of 5 minutes..I feel I deserve a small reward. :) Send your bags of yummy M&Ms to.....

Gosh...why can't those little places where you stick floppys and disk not have the ability to spit out things?? Say like..M&Ms.....

Have a good one!

X Stitch X

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Howdy do blogging world! See, good sign, the exclamation point is back. LOL :) Well like I always say, one bad day eventually means a good day will come along. Since that bad day was yesterday, today was a good day! :) The weather was not too bad, nice and thunderstormy. Now I know what you are saying, how on Earth could thunderstorms be a good thing?? Well, these had a rhythm to them that just kept you pressing on through the day. Since today was Sunday, it was our lazy day; meaning the only time we went out was to get a Sunday newspaper as they wont' deliever out here in the boonies. LOL But it was just a nice relaxing day mentally and physically, so I pulled out the dreaded Koala Bear and worked on him a bit. So here is the latest update..almost all of his face is done..(he needs his eyes) and the neck part is left. Then he's DONE! Whoo hooo!!!

Have a good evening!!

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

PS. Thanks to all of your comments of support of my snappiness yesterday! LOL I'm glad I could make you laugh a bit ;)

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Howdy do blogging world. No exclaimation point tonight as I'm not in the mood. I HATE FROGS!!! Not the animal as I don't want PETA on my rear, but the FROGS that plague us stitchers. There I was happily stitching on the Koala Square while watching a movie. Well sort of watching a movie. It was on Comedy Central and was one of those that you don't have to watch the picture to get the jist of the movie. :) So I'm trucking along on the Koala bear actually beginning to see some progress when it happened! I was completing a row when I realized a stitch that I needed to put down was already there in a different color! Grrrrrr......*insert a bunch of not nice words and a pencil being thrown up against the wall* Well I didnt' really throw the pencil but definately felt like it. I had been stitching for TWO hours and spent the next 45 mintues picking out most of what I had just stitched due to being off ONE WHOLE ROW!!! if anyone wants a FROG, help yourself because he needs to get the heck out of my house! :p

As if that isn't annoying enough, the infamous Miss Virginia Pageant is on. I am not complaining about pageants as to each his own. However, they hire a team of tone deaf/unable to keep rhythm singers and dancers to "preform and entertain" the audience between clothes changes. I am not an extremely educated person in music, meaning I don't have a degree in it, but anything that makes me want to hurl my tv out the BAD. Not to mention, these are considered "professionals" and well I would think a professional in the entertainment industry could come up with new material. It does appear that they use different songs but the same dance moves. UGH! It's just annoying!!! Bah!! Some people just have been told they have "talent" a bit too much and they don't. I'm sure they are wonderful people in real life..but the talent fairy did not bless them.

Ok...rant over. I need chocolate....

Have a good night!!

Happy Stitchin!

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Howdy do blogging world!! Short but sweet blog tonight as I'm on the way out to the store to get salad stuff. It seems like we live at the grocery store sometimes..LOL. :) Anyhoo, here is my finish of Oh Canada freebie. It is done on 14ct white aida with Varigated DMC Red and 712 for the words. It will be finished into a pillow at a later date and jet it's way off to my friend in Canada. :)

The other is my sad update on the Koala Square. Much like the US Team, it hasn't gone very far at all..but unlike the US team, every little bit helps. Haha...I am beginning to think I set my goal too high..tho I'll be satisfied if I get TWO squares done. LOL Enjoy!!

So after a quick trip to the store..and a soak in the tub ( weather permitting ), it will be down to settle with my stitching. I have yet to work on Happy Everything for the I need to pick that up soon. Sorry L, I was just so into finishing Oh Canada...:( *Hugs* Gmail is your FRIEND :)

Happy Stitchin!

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*Yawn* Oh excuse me!! Manners Stitch! :p Howdy do blogging world! Hope everyone is doing well. It's been a busy and long couple of days so I'm just merely checking in tonight. I'll fill in all the details tomorrow with pictures. However, to answer the most impending questions, yes, I'm fine..and yes I've been stitching! ;) Hehehe...Ok here is this weeks SBQ...Enjoy!! :)

SBQ: Have you ever used a magnifying glass while stitching? If so, did you find it helpful?

Simple answer. Nope. The closest I have gotten to those things is seen a couple of my fellow stitchers use them..and it was interesting. :)

Happy Stitchin!! Stay cool in the heat!!

X Stitch X

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Howdy do blogging world! Hope all of you have found a nice shady place to escape to if you are outside or have cuddled up next to the AC if you are inside. Here in my little part of the world it's HOT!! That's H as in Humid, O as in Overbearing and T as in Temprature! (Thanks to T for that acronym! He really misses the game Acrophobia :( ) It's in the 90s here, that's mid 30s for the metrically inclined, and summer isn't even here yet. It doesn't arrive till June 21st (Wed)! Ugh!! :p So it will be staying indoors and drinking lots of water and fluids for us today. I should get in some great stitching time! :) Plus making a cool, yummy pasta salad for lunch for the I HATE heating up the stove if at all possible. So stay cool everyone!! :)

I had a great day yesterday though! Once again the temprature gauge was high, but that didn't matter as I was stitching. Not at home mind you, with my girlfriend R. I hadn't met with her since January!! I couldn't believe it had been that long. LOL We live about 20 minutes from each other, but haven't seen each other in six months. We had tried to have our monthly stitch-in, but with one issue or the other, we have been unable to make it. We convened at the LNS Saturday mid morning. The odd thing is that usually I'm the one that's late, but yesterday she was. LOL

T went to the sandwich shop nearby to work on some projects for the office. We spent a good two hours catching up the news and sharing our projects. I didn't bring my SWC project, I brought the gift I am working on and have nearly finished. :) Yay! She was working on the new Libery freebie from GloryBee. It was about 1pm when I went to get T and he came back in the LNS with us. The store owner and R went to get lunch from the sandwich shop and brought it back. We all hung out ( T included ) for a few more minutes just to gab. :) It was great fun!!! After that, it was time for stash shopping. R picked up a new pillow kit that was patriotic, but I didn't get a good look at it, and the matching threads to stitch it. Knowing R, Mrs. Speed Stitcher, she'll have that stitched up in a jiffy! LOL I on the otherhand, who normally shy away from getting new stash as I have boatloads already, was there to pick up a pattern that I had specially ordered. Hehehe... :)

This pattern was being stitched on by a new friend of mine Libratsie as Sue's house on Memorial Day. Since everyone was busy stitching when I arrived at Sue's house, I took a moment to gander at everyone's projects and fell in love with hers! There are few patterns that are designed to fit my every whim what I call the Three C's of Me. They are comical, colorful and creative! Nice touch huh?? LOL So as soon as I got home from Sue's, I emailed my LNS and asked her to order it for me. T agreed that the pattern is ALL ME!! :) It's from Ruby Slipper Designs: and tell me those that know me, is this not perfect for me??? LOLOLOL

I love it! OF course though, there will be color changes! It is ME after all, Miss I never stick to an orignal pattern and throw my own twist to it. :) I, also, have some impending stash coming from San Man Originals due to a gift certifcate that was payment from a lady who was buying some of my stash for sale. She is overseas and has difficulty getting a US Money Order, so we settled on getting a GC for the payment. :) Hopefully, I'll get it soon. :)

Well back to taking it easy today! Too hot to do much else. :P I might be off the computer for a few days as I really need to work on my SWC project and have to banish myself from the puter. If I don't, nothing will get done as I'll be on this thing! LOL So stay cool! If you need me, tryy the email addy! :)

Happy Stitchin!!

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Howdy do blogging world! Well not really frantic..but a busy one no doubt. It's been a busy week period and tonight is as well. Errand fun. LOL However, I have been a good girl and worked on my SWC projects, but there really isn't enough to post an update. I'm sure you've heard me screaming over the idiot that designed a pattern that places stitches of DMC 844 (Charcoal Grey) next to DMC 535 (same color grey only a tad lighter)!!! Ugh!!! :p But they are for a good cause so I will keep pressing on. I've also worked some on my *secret* gift for a friend...which is turning out pretty nifty, if I don't say so myself. :)

So seeing as it's Friday..time to do the SBQ and Booking Through Thursday questions. Enjoy!! After's off to go stitch some on this Koala Bear..heaven help me!! LOL

SBQ: How many cross stitch books do you own and how often do you use them?

Do I own any cross stitch books???'re funny!! I am the QUEEN of cross stitch books. I often find it hard to justify to pay a certain amount of money for just one leaflet, so I pool that money together and buy a book instead. I'd say I own at least 20! I use them all the time..for refrences, for patterns, for even finishing ideas. I love cross stitch books!! Sometimes I'd rather have a bunch of those..than leaflets. Hehehe..

Which book character(s) would you...

1. Like to have dinner with?

- Probably Gastby. Between his charm, innocence and knowledge; I'm sure it would be a dinner I would not soon forget.

2. Believe would be the best to help you out in a crisis?

- Ellen Foster. Eventhough through all the strife that happened in her life, she still was a rock until she found parents. Plus her sense of humor would keep me smiling.

3. Like to ask for an autograph?

- Bridget Jones. Haha...that would be a treasure!! To actually have acquired the signature of someone that was able to balance all those balls in her life. LOL

4. Most identify with personally?

- Hmmm..I don't know. I'll have to get back to that one.

Well there you go! Enjoy!! Tomorrow will be a busy day so I'll post all the fun tomorrow night! HEhehe...Oh..and to my friend L...I'll work on Happy Everything..JUST FOR YOU this weekend!!! As someone told me you were wondering how I was doing on it..hehehehehe...*hugs*

Happy Stitchin!

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Hi everyone in blogging land! Tis Stitch here...hope all is well! :) Nothing much going on the past few days in the world of Stitching. I know...I know..I agreed to participate in the Stitching World Cup and have one progess pic. LOL I won't make my goal that way..blah blah...yeah I hear ya! :P However, I can't stitch every day..or I'll go crazy and get bored. So, I've taken the last few days and read a little, reacquainted myself with the art of writing a letter that doesn't start with blanks for To:BCC:CC. LOL Plus I've been busy with my stash sale...whoo hoo!! :)

Despite my continued plee to the Bad News Sprite..he just REFUSES to leave my friends alone!!! :x I would really hate to have to get southern on his booty..but if he doesnt stop hanging around my friends...I might have to. Believe me, it's a scary sight! LOL So rather than encourage those of you who read my blog to shout expletives at him, I'm going to ask that you pray, sing, shout, dance..whatever you may do for the Good News Fairy to come! I'm sure we all could use some good news! :)

Alright...back to my book. Details on it later...along with progress pics as I HAVE to work on my SWC piece tomorrow!! :)

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

Howdy do blogging world!! Well I did it. I actually started my first Stitching World Cup piece yesterday! YAY!! I chose the Koala Bear to do first and this is my progress after two hours! Ugh!! So many color's hard to see progress. But I must not get discouraged...:) I'll work on it some more later today...but just wanted to show my first pic. (Just for the newbies, I have chosen to do four of the Animal Magnetism squares: Grizzly Bear, Koala Bear, Panda Bear and Grey Wolf) :)

In amongst the squares, I'm working on this freebie for a friend of mine. IT's a thank you for her surprising me with a great package full of goodies!! She lives in I thought it was appropriate..not sure what it will turn into yet. LOL

So off to go do some buisness and then STITCH!! Whoo hoo!! Have a good one! GOOD LUCK FELLOW WORLD CUPPERS!!

X Stitch X

Howdy do blogging world!! Hope this finds everyone well. :) Things are going well here! Glad some of you have taken a liking to T and my M.E.N. idea! LOL It's nice to have an idea embraced..and we are toying around with the idea of maybe turning it into a cross stitch pattern of some sort. So stay tuned! LOL I am not answering the SBQ this week for two reasons. One, my backs are horrible messes of little strings and two, the front of a project to me is FAR more important than the back. :) Just my opinion...

Anyhoo, once again another blogger has led me to take another quiz! Thank Zohrahfor this one! :)

Which Classic Female Literary Character Are you?

You're Beth March of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott!
Take this quiz!

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| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

As for stitching today, I started a quick project! A thank you gift to my Spring Friends Exchange partner..who lives in Canada. Picture to come once I'm finished. Also, I've spent the last few days working on some plastic canvas Care Bears for T's office. However, I can't give too much they are a surprise!! Shhhhh..hehehe...

Tomorrow stars the Stitching World Cup!! So I'll close with GOOD LUCK CUPPERS!!! May we achieve our goals and make new friends!! :)

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Ok, now you may be sitting here in shock because I have two posts for one day! LOL However, there is a reason. If you read my past journal entry for today, you heard my "gripe" about males and being respected as stitchers or supporting their stitchers. Well I decided to do something about it. T has been playing with a sign generator to help enhance his web programs for work. Today he showed me one of the sites and they had a ribbon site. (Basically where you can create your own awareness ribbon) So after dinner consisting of a chicken salad and a Pepsi, it hit me! I was going to introduce a ribbon in support of all our MALES out there who stitch or know stitchers as they get no respect. HAHA..RIP Rodney Dangerfield. So being that I am happily in wuv with the King of Acronyms, I asked for his input..and here is our combined effort.

The ribbon is Chrome..(meaning silver and gold) which are the color of needles. See how that works?? The text is a masculine form of an Army text as men wouldn't be seen with pretty curly q'd writing. LOL The acronym is M.E.N. which stands for MEN whom EMBRACE NEEDLECRAFTERS. So, feel free to take this graphic and post it on your blog, and let's get the movement started!!! Thank you to all the males out there who help feed our obsession and even though it may drive you crazy, thank you for unending support.

Edited to add: This does not just include significant others and hubbys. It also includes, fathers, brothers, friends..etc. Any male who helps support their needlecrafter...:) (Thanks Karen for bringing this to my attention :) )

X Stitch X and </t> :)

Howdy do blogging world! :) Hope all is well with everyone! First off let me show you the latest finish....Linus Binky Square. Yay!

Secondly, I'm an official member of the Stitching World Cup now! YAY!! See? Ash'sPart Whoo hoo! I'm excited! Just have to get a few more threads and then a stitchin I will go...hehe..Wish me luck!!

Lastly, had an interesting day today. You all need to shout louder to the Bad News Sprite..he's still not left! *sigh* I do hope things get better for my friends soon...I feel bad being so positive around them all the time..but that's who I am. I can't change that. But it's just hard being Miss Bubbly when your friends are so down in the dumps...and worse yet, I deal with difficult things in life with humor. Always that makes it even more difficult. But anyhoo, about my interesting day. I didn't do anything out of the all the mail together to get ready for the PO..that took a while. LOL Packages galore..:) Made my to do list of thank yous, birthdays..stuff like that to prepare for. The odd part came in an email I recieved from a friend....I am trying to go to her house for a weekend of stashing, gabbing and stuffing our faces. I was just taken aback when she asked if T was going to stay with he's not a stitcher. T was fine with this..and always has been. I just thought it very weird at her perception of him and my craft. T ALWAYS helps me out with my stitching..whether it's color changes..or fabric choices....he even picks out some patterns that I would like. He's very good at that! ;) But it just got me thinking about males who are married/engaged/or love crafty women and how people must view them. It's almost as if they don't share any of their naturally whenever a person comes to talk about crafts..they would come to the female..not the male! Just struck me as just because T is a male...he wouldn't be interested in hanging out with us girls??? (Granted he does rather perfer time with his friends) but still....I think males get shafted too much! So I am just saying..I support ALL you males out there..who craft..who know crafters..etc. Bravo to you!! And to my own supporter...I wuv u!


Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Howdy do blogging friends! Hope this finds you well :) This will probably be a long post, just a forwarning so enjoy. Let me first say, thank you to those who emailed and posted with concern. All things are good on the homefront, just seems as if my friends have been visited by the Bad News Sprite. This is a devious little character that only brings bad news and takes away happiness and smiles as a payment. He has been making quite the appearance in life as of recently and I am ready to BANISH him!! So please, stop some time today and shout at the top of your lungs, BANISH YE EVIL SPRITE! BACK TO WHENCEFORTH YOU CAME, NEVER TO RETURN! I know my friends will greatly appreciate it as will I! :)

So what have I been up to?? Well, today I have been jumping around like a jackrabbit! I made CD mixes and burned them on Cds. I have made my summertime pasta salad. (Let me know if you want the recipe). I have done three loads of laundry. Whew..I'm really quite tired! LOL Not really, but you would think I would be. Oh..and kitted up the rest of my Binky Squares that I have signed up I will be doing the animal ones during StitchingWorldCup. I have done all of the Peanuts gang except for Schroeder and he won't take that long. What is left is what I have been putting off the longest, the Animal Magnetism squares from Stoney Creek. I love animals but I DESPISE all the color changes that Stoney Creek does in this series! Ugh, it's enough to drive me batty! So I decided that the World Cup was the perfect opportunity to force myself to stitch these..with a lot of support and encouragement! :) Once those are done, I will have done the 10 I signed up I could sign up for more! YAY! :) Oh, the patterns are: the panda bear, the grey wolf, the grizzly bear and the koala bear. LOTS of color changes!! Ugh..:P

Well once last thing before I go, (I'll try my best to keep up with the Memes/Questions of the week) I have a little vent. I have put up some stash for sale and have posted it on several boards. I have had people promise to buy the moon and the sun..and have YET to pay!! This was two months ago! I am fed up and going to relist what was being saved for them! Please, KEEP in contact with your buyers/sellers. I consider myself a reasonable person and completely understand if payment is delayed for whatever reason: family, sudden expense..etc. BUT I am irked by people who want to buy several items and then I never hear from them again. I do attempt to contact them but I'm not going to beg. Just a vent...thanks for listening!

Have a good one!! Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

PS. A picture of my Linus square will show up soon....once I free it from the digi camera ;)

Howdy do blogging friends!! Hope this finds all of you well! :) I have to trample off into the wild blue yonder for a few days and in my place of destination, there is not a computer to be found. So I leave you with this minor blog saying that all questions will be answered when I get back!

Have a good one!!

Keep Stitchin! (I may not have a puter..but I am bringing stitching ;) )

X Stitch X