Stitch's Showcase

Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

IT can't be me sitting here actually writing this blog! *gasp* It can't really be my last day of 28 tomorrow only to turn 29 on Wednesday. It can't be true that I haven't stitched on anything since this spring and that I tried to acquire some new yummy threads this weekend to get me back in the "mood" and couldn't find any. =P It can't be true. None of this can. It's all a dream right??? *sigh*

How a long for a sense of normalcy again. To be able to stitch, read, write or do something without having my mind be full of worries and such.

Blah...I hate Mondays! =P

X Stitch X

This blog might be coming back to life here soon as the holiday season is rapidly approaching and so it my itching for stitching! Now just to find the time....maybe I'll do some of that this weekend and next..since my birthday is Next Wednesday....just a little gift to myself. Might even get some new stash...mainly threads....;)

I miss you all! Hope you are doing well!!!


X Stitch X