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resident storm tracer. Egad!! What an incredible weekend if you are one of those crazy people that lives for twirly things from the sky! The only minor break from storms was Saturday and by then you were so tired staying up all night; you slept right through it. Or at least I did because I stay up to listen to the warnings/watches as I'm not a "seasoned" Midwesterner yet. Frankly, I don't think I ever will be as I hate twirly things. =P Moved to the wrong state, I hear you. Haha.

So this weekend was a bit productive as I got some mail that needed to be sent out. On the stitching front, nada but I have made a "business" decision to start selling my bracelets; like the ones I made for my friends. With everything going up which on a side note when a loaf of bread costs the SAME as a gallon of gas; something IS NOT right!! Anyway, as I was saying with everything going up; the extra cash will be a blessing provided I sell anything. I've asked several friends and they have said I could sell those bracelets easily, just don't cut the price too short as they are with genuine swavorski crystals/gems. So soon I will be popping up some prototypes on my etsy website and putting them in the craft cabinet at work. Wish me luck!

Well so far it appears to be a quiet night storm wise. Just some stats, 5 days over 150 tornadoes ALONE in my state!! Talk about someone being grumpy, Mother nature. However, with such a stormy terrible weekend we do have a beautiful week to look forward to of no storms. (Happy dance!!) And there is a positive element to having to run over to my friends house to hide in her basement; before the storm comes her hubby BBQs and MAN is it good!!!! I might pop up the next time the man does chicken! ;) Which reminds me I need to get some of his favorite cake mix and bake him a cake as a thank you because I'm sure he enjoyed having a panic-striken lady at his house for almost four nights! HAHA! ;)

So, that's a slight update. Oh yes, I'm actually working at work now. They moved me to corporate and I have been busy EVERY DAY! Hoorah!! So now that things are turning around a bit though I still don't like the storms, I might relax a bit and get some serious crafting/to do listing done! =) Wish me luck...

Happy Stitchin!!!

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Well as you can see it's been quite a hectic time as of late. Between near scares of tornadoes, which by the way I did see the nasty cloud over the house. Not exactly a fun night that happened about three weeks ago but still I wish not to see anymore. Luckily the weather has been just breathtaking but now it's getting hot and sticky. Sadly, more storms are called for this upcoming weekend but hopefully they won't be terrible. Things have been going on in personal live about as torrid as a storm but thank God for the power and love of friends. One friend in particular, my sister (not blood sister), Lani.

She is a wonderful mother of a young one and a happy wife to great man. She is currently stationed over in Iraq, giving more of herself than I ever could. I swear I honestly admire the courage she has to go and face something like that with such resilence. I don't think I could do something like that. She's not in true harms way but it is a dangerous situation no matter where she is. Anyway, she has always had this keen sense of knowing when I need a pick me up and I got that pick me up just when I needed it most.

As some of you know, I live at the post office. Well not really but I do send a TON of mail. Surprise packages to friends, cards, letters, all kinds of things but only had a bag that advertised a cancer drug on it to carry the stuff in. Well believe it or not, people often asked me questions such as "when was I diagnosed etc?". I got tired of the questions as well just because I'm sporting something like that, doesn't necessarily mean I'm the one afflicted with it. So long story short, I was talking to Lani about it and she in the evil sister way that she is sometimes came up with the idea of making me a bag. Measurements were made, colors were chosen and I sat back wondering what my sis would create me. I could have never imagined what she did!

So she sent the package to me the week she left for Iraq and in all honesty I was expecting a smallish package because things had been tight. To my surprise, I had to go to the counter for a HUGE box! I was overwhelmed and so excited!! I opened it, ripping the layers of tape she had used as if I were a kid at Christmas and once the box was opened, I just sat back eyes shining. I pulled out the most beautiful bag I've ever seen!!! It was blue (my favorite color) and stuffed with goodies!! There was a ton of evenweave fabric, bottles of lotion from Bath and Body works, stickers, stationary, small bottles of the perfect shade of blue nail polish, two beautiful scrunchies she crocheted herself and she even fed my tummy with Almond M&Ms!!!! I was in heaven!!! Thank you SO much Sis!!! I share these pictures with my blogging friends but honestly they do not do this bag justice. And the greatest thing that the gift brings is the reminder of my favorite sister! I love you Lani!! =) God bring you home soon!!

Thank you sis for sharing a piece of your heart with me and know that you are in prayers as always! Hubby and your little dumplin too! =) Also, know that you never know when your mailman might come visit you! =) hehehehehe

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

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Well as true Stitch style, I'm late with posting this entry as yesterday was Mother's Day but cut me some credit as it's not several months from then. Hehe. =) So with it being Mother's Day, I want to dedicate this entry to two incredible women, both mothers, that I know. Sara and Lani. Both are like sisters to me and just incredible people but I get more into that later.

First off yesterday, I spent the day spoiling Sara! I went over to her house and got her kids to clean their rooms and the house up. (Drill Sargent much) I exposed her to Quizno's Subs which she loved and made chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes. I told her not to move as it was her day off. Then I presented her with the sneaky part. I had come by earlier Saturday to get the kids to draw cards for her and her mother. (Grandma) You know me, I have to be sneaky and surprise somemone! =) Hehe. Anyway, we gave her the cards and then I gave her and her mother these bracelets that I had made. (The picture quality isn't that great- sorry)

First Sara's: Her Mother Bracelet that has her entire family on it with an angel charm that hangs down saying love. Each of the silver hearts has the first name initial of her kids, hubby and her. =) One big happy family!

Then her mother's is her Hope Bracelet. She has cancer so the bead color corresponds with the type of cancer she has and stands as a symbol of Hope.

Both deserving gifts! Sara is just an incredible woman raising five kids. She never seems tired and just keeps going like the energizer bunny. Her children truly know what a real mother is and that she loves them. She would do anything for them and it's because of her big heart. I love you Sara! =) You are a wonderful reminder of how mothers are supposed to be and deserve nothing but the absolute best in life!

Happy Mother's Day!!

X Stitch X

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Ok so to my readers first off, hello! Hope you are all well and safe. Especially with all the recent outbreaks of terrible storms in the US. Secondly, I'm going to be posting several blog entries in order to "catch-up" everyone with what's been happening. So put your reading glasses on girls and guys, it's going to be an adventure. Hehe

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X