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Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Wow, my stress level is about beyond the scale right now. Between packing, sorting through my life in boxes, trying to decide what to take and what to give away, dealing with an ex who is NOT being supportive at all and saying goodbye to friends; I think I might snap here soon. I'm so overwhelmed with emotions that I predict diving into some serious ice cream here in the next few days. I've never done anything like this. Never driven out of state, let alone four of them, on my own. I worry I'll get lost or something will go wrong with the car or...I don't know. I'm so excited as this truly is a new beginning for me but I'm also terrified as the unknowns. New town, new state, new part of the US I've never been too. I know I can do this but its just hard. This really is going to be a true challenge of what I can do for myself. I'll take any and all the support I can get.

Hope you are doing well!

Happy Stitchin!! *hugs*

X Stitch X

Wow! Can you honestly believe it's a new year??? A whole new 366 days (It's a Leap Year) to make anything you want to out of them. Amazing. Not only that, but this year is the year I turn 30. I've been on this Earth for 30 years! I can't even begin to fathom that. Wonder what I'll feel like around 40? Not ready for that milestone yet, no offense to the 40somethings out there. ;)

So, I'm sure you as my loyal readers have noticed that I have gone from posting every day to barely hitting this once a month. The lovely pictures of my creations gone, no updates, I'm sure you are experiencing withdrawals well it's time to tell you why I've buried myself deep away from this blog. I'm finally ready to do it.

Ok, on December 15, 2006 I broke up with my boyfriend of nearly 8 years. Ever since I got sick a few years back, I've just had this sense of empowerment and wanting more out of my life which sadly did not include him. Upon breaking up with him, I spent several months looking for a job and dealing with the rejection notices. I take things personally, always have. It's one of my flaws. Anyway, I finally found one in July of 2007 and have been working diligently since then. I've had to deal with a few other stresses since then but I don't want to be a complete open book.

Now comes from the shocker, most of my life I have done nothing for myself. I have always done for other people mainly due to the past I led as a child but that's another novel. So, I am taking a huge chance and for once in my life doing something for myself. By the end of this month, I will be leaving this state, my home since I was 15 and moving out west to Kansas. A dear friend of mine has a sick mother and five children and well you get the idea. I'm not only going out there to help her but to help myself achieve all the things that i've wanted to. I'm definitely not getting any younger and now is as good as a time as any. So I'm now going through things, packing, trying not to let fear keep me from needless to say things are just wow right now.

I hope to get back to the things I love here soon. Writing, (maybe one day you'll read my stories) stitching and all that. So I apologize for the lapse of activity but I do hope that will change once I get to my new home. =) Thank you as always for your support and love. It truly has helped me pave this way for myself.


X Stitch X