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Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Howdy do! Whew..have I got a lot to I'm just going to jump right in...

Let us go back in time to Dec 29th...*flashback music*

T and I went up to Fredricksburg for the day! We went to the AC Moore store up there as they had DMC 8/$1 and I needed some colors for the Crane's Paradise. So I got all those colors and some Christmas buttons at 60% off!! Whoo hoo!!! Then off to Borders to look at books n' stuff. Nothing was bought there...but I am SAD to say that Borders had only ONE cross stitch magazine!! ONE!!! *gasp* It was JCS from Christmas 05..but NO UK mags!! :( I'm sooo disappointed in them!! Shame!!
Anyhoo, after that we were feeling adventurous on the eating front. Normally, it would be Fuddrucker's...or Chick F'ila. ( We don't have those near our house )..but a restaurant called Smokey Bones just smelled SOOO good!!! So off we went...T got Chicken Strips and Fries..and I got the Brunswick Stew and a Pork Sammy! ( Sammy is sandwich ). Boy was it good!!! We were enjoying ourselves when the check came...the waiter leaned over to tell us that he had given our check to another couple..they had paid...and we had theres. " Our meal was 24 dollars..the check was for 27..we pay the 24..and he would cover the rest as he didn't want to make a scene with the manager". T is a math genius!! The man can figure complex problems in his head with no he looks at the check..and realizes that " gee..something doesn't add up"...our lunch and drinks combined were about 22!!! That waiter was trying to scam a BIGGER tip out of us!!!! Plus it was frustrating as the other couple..should have known that the food they ordered ( NY Strip Steak and an alcoholic drink) added up to more than the 21 bucks they paid!!!!! anyone honest anymore??? So needless to say, that put a damper on things...we paid our 22 bucks in cash..dern waiter got about 90 cents in a tip..we would have left him nothing..but we are honest people. :( So that was a bummer to the evening...I was going to tell the manager about it..but the poor man was sooo busy with the cash register and customers..we just left.
After that..we ventured to Michaels. I was "trying" to find some beads...that I have seen and now I can't find them ANYWHERE!! They are the shape pony beads..that are transportation. They have a train, plane, car..and a couple of other things..chunky primary colored pony no luck there! :( Went home empty handed from Michaels..oh I got some Vanilla Liquid smell to put in a container I have...(explain later)

So move on to today....was a good day...:)

We ventured into to town to check the PO, went to Michaels up there to get some fabric..( because Stitch got ready to dye the fabby for Crane's Paradise and realized she didn't have a BIG enough piece for the pattern)) a few bobbles there too. Then to get some stink bait..( LOL what I call deodorant )..and back home where I stitched on Chocolate Moose tonight. Made some good progress..and I'm dyeing the fabby as we I should have a pic of it tomorrow night! Hehehe....I plan on starting Crane's Paradise on Jan 1st!! Whoo hoo!! So that's my two day blog...whew..that's a lot to read..LOL Enjoy!

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Howdy do! Well here is the Stitchy Blogger's Question of the week:

How do you balance your stitching time with your other obligations such as work, household chores, etc.?

Hmmm...first off I don't that cancels out that. Secondly, my dust bunnies have become my friends each with their own characteristics and names. Third, my fiancee feels very secure in our relationship enough for me to ignore him every once in a while for stitching. Finally, it's not just stitching time I have...I read....I bead....I paint....I do lots of other things! LOL

Anyhoo...had a great day today! We ventured out to Dayton Farmer's Market...over the mountain. It's a quaint little market full of neat shops and good food! It's run by Mennonites so there is always a bunch of friendly people there! :) We got a couple of things of handmade snack mix...and a new card game called Set. It's a great game to play!! Hehe...

So needless to say, there is no update on Chocolate Moose tonight....let's hope that there will be tomorrow...LOL Just came home..had some hot soup for dinner...and got some packages together....nice and quiet evening!

Have a good one!

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

Whoo hooo!! Imagine my surprise when I went to the post office today to check my box and found an envelope from 123 stitch. I also had three Christmas cards and a bill..but we don't mention bills in my world. LOL But anyhoo, I was trying to remember if I had ordered anything from this place...and for the breath of me couldn't think of a thing. I opened the envelope and was literally driven to tears!!! Inside a bubble envelope with some sturdy cardboard in it...( requiring a package slip it wouldn't be bent and folded beyond recognition in my mailbox) was Crane's Paradise by Pinn Designs!!! *Gasp** On the invoice, was a note from my Stitchy Gramma..more on that in a minute...wishing me a Merry Christmas and she couldn't wait to see it stitched up!! *Gasp again* I was so taken I said earlier..I was driven to tears of pure joy!!

Now to explain my " Stitchy Gramma"...she is a WONDERFUL woman named Carolyn...aka Gramma Beary! She decided through contact on a message "adopt me" as her Stitchy Grand-daughter. She would send me little notes and things when she could..and we became very very fast friends! We still chat online all the time....but she's just a lovely lovely lady whom I love very much! Well...she's just Gramma Beary!! LOL :) Sorry if that doesn't make sense..but I don't know how to explain it just happened...LOL THANK YOU GRAMMA BEARY!!! I love you!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! *HUGE HUGS*

LOL I'm still speechless when I think that I actually own this pattern....I've loved it ever since it's come I love the Chinese type Koi, Dragons, Cranes...Kanji Symbols..things like that. Unfortunately, this pattern has been out of my price range for a while..and now I don't have to worry about it anymore...and it will be even more special since Gramma gave it to me!! Hehehe...I'm giddy what can I say???

Ok..focus...anyhoo...I worked a little bit on Chocolate Moose here's an update:

He's coming along nicely! Maybe I'll have him finished tomorrow...but have to get mail stuffs together the dern prices go up on Jan gotta get those trades and prizes out!!!

Happy Stitchin!!!

X Stitch X

Yep you guessed it! I am the queen of WIPs. For those of you not currently in the stitching world, a WIP is a Work in Progress..and I am the queen. I have taken a few photos of the ones that I have in my stitchy know the bag you take everywhere to hope that you will put just a few extra stitches in those pieces. Note that this rarely happens...LOL But anyhoo, below are my WIPs...just a few of them as I have to find the others.

This is my longest WIP. I have been working on this piece for nearly three years now. :( Sad ain't it?? Anyhoo, here is the latest picture of it as of today. I had a goal to finish the top half of it by the end of the year..needless to say that's not happening! LOL Slow and steady does eventually win the race...

Oh forgot to mention..this is Happy Everything by Janlynn. :)

This is Tigger Squares...well I don't know the exact name of it but it was a kit given to me for my birthday last year from a dear friend of mine. I started this in March of 2005 so at least I'm still in the same year picking it back up! LOL Anyhoo, to explain it a bit further it is four squares of Tigger's face in different emotions. It's really cute and being stitched on 14 ct Light Blue Aida as the Aida that came with it was ucky!! :p

Finally, this is Chocolate Moose! LOL Excellent pun...I started him yesterday but didn't stitch on him much as I was watching TV. That is a no-no for me as I will definately FROG!!! There is actually a bit more of him done, but the picture was in the camera. :) It's only 42 x 42 and will probably be turned into a magnet to go on the fridge...after all Chocolate is my second love next to my sweetie! Hehe...

So as you can see, I have a few projects to finish! Of course, with it being a new year almost..I'm getting the itch to start something new. *sigh* It's a never ending cycle with no end in sight...and I love it!

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Edited to say: Drat!! I tried to get this in before midnight....shoot! Oh well, hope you all had a good one! Who knows..maybe we'll get TWO journal enteries today! LOLOL

Merry Christmas everyone! Had a good day...just the two of it was nice. Got up this morning..and just watched the football games on TV. Last night of course, I got in my tradition of watching A Christmas Story! LOVE that movie!! Also, stitched a little bit on my Chocolate Moose....I'll stitch on it some more and have a pic I hope tomorrow. Just a nice and quiet Christmas. The weather tho was a bit yucky..rainy and foggy and near 50 degrees!! Where's my white Christmas?!?!?! I know, in Alaska..LOLOL

Anyhoo..hope everyone had a great Christmas!!! Now it's back to normal...LOL


X Stitch X

Well today is the day that Santa comes! YAY!! Only one more day till you can race to the tree and rip open the brightly wrapped packages with your name on it. Just one more day...hehe Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!!

I'm going to pretty much relax today and I'm taking an idea from a new blogger I found Christine where she borrowed the idea from another blog. ( Just making sure I give credit where credit is due...) Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!! :)

The 12 Days of Christmas Questions

1. What is your favorite Christmas Character?

I'd have to say "Ralphie" from A Christmas Story. I've been like him several times when I was little..begging my parents for that one toy!! LOL

2. What is your favorite Christmas Movie?

Duh! LOL A Christmas Story!! Love that movie! Especially when the family goes out for Chinese food for Christmas dinner! Been there...done that. But I also like for a tear jerker..Christmas Comes to Willow Creek..starring the original Dukes of Hazard Boys!!

3. Is there a Christmas book you read every year or are there themed Christmas books you enjoy?

Hmmm..not that I can think of. Tho when I was little, we used to read the Night Before Christmas every year.

4. What is the one thing on Christmas day that you can't live without ( basically it wouldn't be Christmas without it)?

I'd have to say someone to share it with. This year as it has been for the past seven years, it will be with my sweetie! I don't think I could ever spend a Christmas alone. Even in college, when I would stay over the break sometimes, I would go spend it at a Soup Kitchen or somewhere..just to have it to share. I love seeing the looks on faces when they get gifts...or whatever it may be. I just have to share the magic. :)

5. What is your favorite Christmas Memory?

Eventhough it happened every year..I'd have to say being the Christmas tree decorator and when the lights were cut on for the first time. My other family members would put the lights on and the tree topper ( it varied from an angel to a star ) and I would always come later and put on all the ornies. To this day, that's how it still works. T puts on the lights and I put the ornies on. LOL But the greatest part, was when it would be lit. Just amazing!

6. What is the most thoughtful gift you've ever been given?

Oh gosh...that's a toughy. I consider all the gifts I've been given to be thoughtful. I mean afterall, they came from people who cared about me. I'm sorry but I just can't play favorites.

7. What is the one thing about Christmas you could live without?

I'd have to say its the Top Ten lists of goodies to get people. I hate those!!! I mean granted, some people really need help when it comes to gift giving. For example, those people that give Uncle Sam a comb and brush set and he is bald. Those people need help! But I think those lists just set up for competition and disappointment. I think especially for those Top Ten Best Toys list. I believe some children are now upset even if they have a whole bunch of gifts but didn't get that one toy that would make the list. Maybe the parents couldn't find it...or something. Just a sad situation. I think gifts should come from the heart no matter what they are...and if you really have a bad gift giver in the family...tell him to pack the receipts. LOL

8. Have you created any Christmas traditions with your own family and if so what is it?

The only family traditions that I have created with my family are making Puppy Chow as it's a staple in our diets till New Years. However, I don't make the first batch until Thanksgiving so that we appreciate it more while it's here. ( No, it's not actual dog food...but looks like's chocolate/peanutbutter covered Crispix with Powdered sugar) YUM! T and I swap an ornie every year to help fill up the tree and remind of us the year that's just passed. Other than that, we don't have many we try to spice up Christmas in a different way every year.

9.What is your favorite Christmas song?

I'd have to say I have two: O Holy Night and I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day. The words and just overall music is so powerful. It's that kind of music that just gives you chills down your spine and tears in your eyes.

10. What is the strangest gift you have ever recieved or gave?

I had a cousin when I was 10 give me a stuffed skunk. No, I don't mean taxidermy skunk..but this skunk was actually bought at a store. He had crossed-eyes, a big goofy grin with buck teeth and a Santa hat on his head. She was older than me..about 15 and had a bunch of stuffed animals on a bookshelf in her room. One day, I went in there marveling at her collection and she told me to pick one for my birthday and one for Christmas and when the time came, she would wrap them up and give them to me. Well, I picked a kitty cat and one of those JCPenney bears ( you know with the little vests and Christmas hats they used to do every year)..well my birthday came around..and I got money from her. But when Christmas came, I got that blasted skunk!! She never did give me any of her stuffed animals...but I figured she thought she tricked me with that skunk! :p

11.If you could spend any one Christmas anywhere in the world where would you go?

Oh..I'd have lots of places I'd like to go. LOL I'd like to go and see the windows and lights in New York. I'd love to go to the Ice Festival in Minnesota..tho bring your long johns as it's COLD! Or maybe go rent a cabin up in Maine...and spend Christmas there..with the moose. LOL

12.What do you all do on Christmas Eve, anything special or fun?

We watch A Christmas story on Tv. Then at midnight we open just one gift and go to bed. Nice and simple. :)

Merry Christmas everyone! Stay safe!! Have fun!

X Stitch X

Howdy do world! Well...I celebrated Christmas a bit early! LOL T and I went to a new cross stitch store in Lynchburg today. It was such a nice day being in the 50s for the first time this winter and sunny. So we ventured to Lynchburg to explore this new store. It was a nice store..but unfortunately I had an embarrasing thing happen. The lady had the heat turned up very high and the air was quite dry. While standing in line to pay, I got nauseous and went to step outside. I literally felt like I was going to pass out...the room started to fade...but as soon as I went outside I felt better. It was scary!!! After T paid for my stuff, he came out and we sat down on her stoop for a few seconds while I just breathed deeply. I felt better afterwards and had a short nap in the car..but talk about embarassing. The poor lady came out because she thought I had fallen. *blush* No worries I'm perfectly fine now! Just got overheated...

But anyhoo the enhancement was:

- Malcom the Moose by Stitchworks : Basketball Moose ( How perfect is that!! I love moose and basketball!! He just had to come home with me! :)

- Stitchy Kitty's No Frogging Allowed. ( I love her designs!! This is the second one I've now I have two...this one and Meowy Halloween! YAY! :) )

- DKT Originals : Caution Cross Stitch Crossing ( You are supposed to seperate it and put it on three different blocks..but I think I'm going to stitch it together and make it in a pillow or something! ) LOL

- Val's Stuff : Here A Cat, There A Cat ( I love kitties too! Have been looking for this pattern for quite a while..and it was her last one! What luck! ) :)

- Stoney Creek Collection : A Banner Occasion ( Just 12 different holiday patterns to make into bell pulls)

-Sudberry House : Rose Alphabet ( I'm not a fan of flowery things..but this alphabet is just georgous and simple enough that you could omit the flowers. )

We would have gone to Sonic Drive In after the stitchy store but after my little "incident", T thought it best I go home and rest. I agreed so we ventured back home and that's what I Had some hot soup for dinner, kitted up a fun project for me to do quickly..Chocolate Moose..LOL and I'll start it tomorrow. Now it's time for sleep...zzzzz...

Have a good night all!

Happy Stitchin'

X Stitch X

Howdy do! Today was pretty boring....just mainly did laundry and cleaned! Bleech!! I hate cleaning! :p But after T got home from work tonight we ventured into to town to JC Penneys. They had a bundle of three NCAA tshirts for 20 bucks!!! That's a great deal! So we drove all 20 miles into to town only to find ONE SCHOOL in the entire collection and of course it wasn't the one we wanted. Bah humbug!!!

After that it was a venture to the post office. I had a package that was bent and folded and crammed in my box!!! T looked at me was my first prize for Most Creative in the San Man Originals Siggy contest. I won a $5.00 GC to get a chart..and I chose Jingle Tails. Well, much to my surprise...the buttons that go with it...were BROKEN and the dern chart is bent all to hades!!!!!! Dern postal people!! Have no respect for the mail!! So now I'm sitting here trying to figure out what to do. *sigh* Bah humbug to them too!!!

So pretty boring today....and tomorrow its a day with the fam. :) Maybe I'll get some stitching in tomorrow.....

Have a good night y'all!!!

Happy Stitchin'

X Stitch X

Howdy do! Well, I didn't have a third day of stitching reprieve. I managed to stitch a few stitches in Happy Everything. Nothing extravagant tho..just the white of the birthday cake and finished off the outline of it. I had planned on stitching a bunch today..but in getting up this morning..I stretched before my body was ready for me to...and well...owie!! I pulled after a Tylenol tonight...I'll be fine. It's just a pain as it's right in the center of both of my shoulders...:(

But I did do some stitchy stuff today. I dug out my Tigger Squares WIP. I thought I had done more than actually is stitched. I only have one of the squares I have three more. *sigh* LOL I do have the border of another square done..just no tigger in it yet. It's being done on very light blue AIDA so it shouldn't take long to finish up. I guess I must have been sick with doing it tho when I put it away as it was on the VERY bottom of my stitchy box. ( I have a box of all my projects I'm currently doing in individual ziploc bags next to the couch).

Anyhoo, that's my day in a nutshell. Boring I to have some zzzzzzz's.

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Howdy do! No stitching today either as to give myself some time to recuperate from all those ornies I've cranked out!! Whew!! LOL So is there anything else to do in life besides stitch?? Why yes, of course there is. I went out. You know..outside...sunshine, trees....TRAFFIC!! Oy vey!

We had a great day today! The SO and I ventured forth over the mountain today. We went to a couple of bookstores to just "browse" and in "browsing" two new Xstitch mags made their way home with me. LOL No worries..they were paid for! Then after "browsing" it was lunch at Cracker Barrell. YUM!! It was about a 20 minute we sat outside on the rocking chairs...and rocked and talked. Very nice! It wasn't too cold today...tho an elderly lady passed us..saying something to the effect of look at the crazies sitting out in the cold. It was 50F! That's hardly cold considering the weather we've been having.

After CB tho, we were both full and getting sleepy. Something about having a full stomach of southern comfort food and a good day just "browsing" makes one sleepy. So we ventured back home, although he offered to take me to Michaels to look..but I actually turned him down. *GASP* I knew they were calling for hades to freeze over tomorrow!!! Came home about 3pm and have just hung out reading the paper....watching ESPN.

But in today's activites...a very important event happened. Today was yet another test of my system after having my bean removed and I PASSED!! YAY!! With all the yummy butter and calories..and goodness that is in that food....I am proud to say I am offically healed! By my standards...the doc was satisfied a couple of weeks ok. LOL Sorry, I'm just happy about that. the important thing...the Stash Enhancement....a new magazine...Mary Hickmott's Stitches...No 152. Well it's new to me. Also the Cross Stitch Gold issue 35. Woohoo!! I am off to go and have some quality reading time with my magazines....they are probably feeling neglected since I read the paper before them....

Have a good night all!

X Stitch X

Happy Saturday! Didn't do much today..had my get together with Robin and Terri at her shop. I gave them their Christmas presents and ornaments. Of course, both of the little stinkers didn't open up anything because I wrapped them and they said they don't open up anything before Christmas that's wrapped. LOL So I won't get to see their reaction but I'm sure I'll hear about it later! LOL I also brought some fudge brownies for both of them to enjoy. Wrapped up in wax paper and tied them with a bow...yet another surprise they weren't expecting. I love being sneaky! hehehe....But Terri continue to work on her Jean Farish's America that she is proudly up to Hawaii. GO TERRI!! Robin cranked out her last Lizzie Kate Block...and preceeded to tell me that next year there won't be a 12 month series in her agenda as she is doing the seasonal ones instead. LOL This woman has done every 12 month series set I can think I think she deserves a change. As for me, lazy ol' me just sat there. Yes, I did bring Happy Everything to work on but honestly I've stitched SO much in the last two weeks..the idea of picking up a needle just exhausted me. So we hung out and chatted for an hour. I bought only one thing..(YAY ME!)..which is a miracle! I got the #5 Hillcroft House Celtic Knots to play with. Oh boy stash!!

After that it was a trip to the grocery store...boring...LOL Tho it was crowded as they are calling for an "interesting" weather day tomorrow. One of those if the storm moves 10 degrees to the'll get purple snow...but 20 degrees to the'll get fuzzy bunnies. *rolls eyes*'s gonna do something but all the degrees in meterology isn't helping me figure this one out...

So we got the things we needed..( water, bread, milk..stuff like that..) oh and the most important of all..a small pack of Peanut M&Ms! LOL Love those things! Then ventured back home where I've been hanging out on the puter...since..course had lunch we got home about 2:30pm.

So that's all my day in a nutshell. Taking a break from stitching for a day or two as I'm just burnt out....might be a good time to pick up a book...

Have a good one y'all!

X Stitch X

Howdy do! Tis Saturday and I said I would have some pics ready for you guys! So here you go...I'll tell you more about my day in another post....please bear with me tho as I'm new to this blogging I hope the pics work. :)

Say hi to Mr. Snowman Cookie! LOL Tis for my friend Becca for an exchange we are doing together. She loves snowmen and I saw this pattern in ASN's 50 Snowmen. I just had to stitch it for her!! Its original and cute at the same time!

Products used: 14 ct Aida (dyed light blue by me), DMC floss, a red mill hill bead for the berry in the holly, an orange triangle button for the nose, silver glittery puffy paint for the buttons. He is affixed to a piece of foam with a red glittery ribbon. I just love the way he has a nibble out of him..hehe...too cute! Hopefully Miss Becca will eat him up too! LOL

Happy Stitchmas! Yes, I know it's not politically correct but I don't care. :p It's for my friend and LNS owner Terri. I met her a few years ago and promised her every year I'd make her an ornie. This year, I actually got around to it! LOL It's from one of the UK mags that featured Forever Friends. (Sorry I can't remember the number off hand)

Products used: DMC floss, Anchor Gold Metallic floss, red mill hill beads for the Happy and green glittery puffy paint for the Stitchmas. I didn't have green beads nor could I find any. I am proud to say it's hanging in her store. :)

More snowmen?? Yes, more snowmen! This time for my friend Robin whom I stitch with twice a month at Terri's store. :) I honestly don't remember where I found this pattern. LOL I've done so many ornies it's hard to keep track of them. Anyhoo, Robin and I met on a message board and found out we live about 30 mintues away from one another. So we starting meeting at Terri's shop twice a month to stitch and gab! :) She really does some lovely stitching..and talk about FAST!! LOL

Products used: DMC Floss, Anchor Gold Metallic floss, two snowflake buttons, various glittery puffy paints for the ornies and tinsel on the tree, and two teeny buttons for the eyes.

Well there's my first picture post! YAY! I did it! LOL Enjoy! Hope you are getting your ornies done too!

Happy Stitchin'

X Stitch X

Today was rather interesting from Mother Nature's perspective. Today she granted us the luxury of an ice storm...tho with us being so close to the mountains, it originally started out as snow. The pine trees around our house and bending down as they are weighted with ice. So I took the impending weather as a sign to stay in today and do some much needed " lose end tying ". I finished all the Christmas cards ( had to send a few extras that weren't originally planned. I gathered the gifts together for my friends on Saturday. I still have to wrap them but that's the fun part! LOL Oh I finished TWO ornaments today! YAY! *Happy Dance* Both of these ornies will be given to their owners on Saturday.

I'll post pics up tomorrow..but now I have to get off the computer to finish up some more Christmas stitching....if I don't limit myself on the puter...I'll never get it done. LOL T is helping me by taking the puter away...LOLOLOL He calls it "drastic measures"....but he's only asking me to do what I told him to....keep me away from the puter or I'll not get anything done.

Have a good night all!

Happy Stitchin'

X Stitch X

Howdy do! Well I finally got around to finishing some ornies and actually putting them in my album! LOL Go figure! Still have more to do tho..*sigh* Not much else to say...except tis VERY cold here in Va...19F to be exact...and they are calling for some snow/ice tomorrow. Good day for stitching!!!

It's in the Christmas 2005 Album. Feel free to look around at my other albums. :)

Have a good night!

X Stitch X

Well I am! I'm known as "Stitch" affliation with Disney..LOL I am the Cross Stitch queen..well not really but I'd like to be. I am currently working very hard on finishing Christmas ornies for this year. Yes I know, they are already supposed to be done...but hey...we all get behind sometimes. Anyhoo, this will be my stitchy blog...I hope you will enjoy my ramblings! :)

Happy Stitchin' --xxxx---

X Stitch X