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Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Someone has stole my stitching mojo! LOL I have TONS of things to stitch on...need to. I have an exchange that's due here next month..haven't started that. I have FIVE impending birthdays for the month of May, all dear friends of mine, that I need to do something for. I haven't picked up Happy Everything in a while...well since my mini vacation but I didn't do that much on it. *sigh* Give me my mojo back!!!! I know there are frogs for when you well..frog...but what do we call a thief that steals your stitching mojo? A little green gremlin with pointy shoes that steals all your thunder to stitch while you are sleeping??? Hmmmm....he must hide under the SanMan's wheels and when the SanMan is putting sand in your eyes, this little thing robs you blind of your mojo!!!! Curse you, danged creature!!!! Anyhoo, hopefully he will decide to give it back soon..or I might have to hold him hostage somehow...maybe tempt him with chocolate?? What do you think?? LOLOL

Happy Stitchin everyone!! Hold on to your Mojo! Beware of the Mojo Munchkin!

Oh in case you didn't notice...I put a link up to my album of stash for sale...all prices are in US currency...and postage isn't included. If you see anything you like..let me know. I'm always willing to negogiate a trade as well! :)

X Stitch X

The simple answer..yes...the more complex answer..never as it's forever embedded in my memory. Fellow bloggers, there has always been the constant question of does a "heaven on Earth" exist? I can now answer that question, yes..and it is where I visited this weekend with T. :) I am not going to share the actual location as the town is small and I want to preserve it...word of mouth is often powerful and could lead to immense movement to this area. Pardon me for being selfish but I wish to keep this "heaven" for myself and T. LOL

Anyhoo, we left for our destination on Friday...bright and early in the morning as we couldn't wait to get there. We took our time going up there..making a couple of stops along the eat..and of course the reintroduction of feeling into our feet of the ground..LOL ( A fancy way for saying walking around to get out of the car) We checked in to our hotel around 11am..and immediately felt the "monkey" of stress and life be lifted from our back. It truly was heaven. Cold and rainy on that day..but we honestly didn't care. We got McDonald's for lunch..and then came back to take a nap. After that, we set out on Miss Rachel Ray says.." the best way to learn a city is on foot"....walked past several quaint little was really nice. We stopped to watch the boats go by...and then back to the hotel for the evening. I must interject and say I'm glad I've lost as much weight as I have...for if I had done that much walking being what I used to weigh..I would have needed someone to carry me back!! LOL

Saturday was outing day. We went to obtain the one precious thing I have to have when I go to the beach....SALT WATER TAFFY!!! YUM!!! We went to the local national wildlife refuge to look at the ..well wildlife. It was another cold and rainy day...but who goes to the beach for the sun right?? LOLOL We tried to go into the lighthouse they have there..but sadly it was closed due to a power outage. :( Oh us reason to go back! LOL But the end of the park literally runs out into the here is a pic for you to drool over:

After was off to explore some more..of the small towns nearby on the mainland...very small towns. LOL I was struck by this it was just so quaint...and beautiful. The architecture was stunning!!!! Of course I don't remember what town it was in..LOL

On to Sunday....was our lazy day. We ventured out for the local Sunday paper...and basically just hung around the hotel. It was just a nice relaxing vacation! Ahhh...and yes..sadly we had to leave. But we will DEFINATELY be going back soon!! :)

I did bring some stitching with me..Happy Everything..and did some on I will be posting the update here soon! YAY!!! :) Have a good one!

X Stitch X

Howdy do blogging friends! No, I haven't fallen into a hole..yet...just been busy finishing this!! What is it? It's my FIRST attempt at making one of those spiffy Mail Art things!! It's not too terribly bad..tho I do have to say I can do much better on the next one. I did it for an exchange through the San Man board and it was for Margo, who loved primitave designs and red. Oy Vey! I thought I would go BLIND before I finished this!! Going to toss some threads and a few other small goodies inside and then it's off to it's destination! :)

I hope she likes it! :)

Anyhoo, I have decided to forgo last weeks SBQ as it didn't really apply..and it would be pretty ridiculous to just type no..LOL So on to this weeks..Enjoy!!!

Do you do obligation or deadline-based stitching? Why or why not? If you do, do you tend to get in over your head and why?

LOL what a question to ask me..Queen of exchanges and stitching on deadlines. LOL I often overextend myself to the point of pulling all nighters to get obligation stitching done. It's terrible I know...but for some reason..I kind of like it to. It's nice to have a it forces you to work on the project...that you might normally toss to the side. Of course, I often do so much stitching for others, I rarely do any for myself..LOL

Alright..have a good night all! Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

Howdy do! Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Easter! May the Easter bunny bring you baskets of stash, chocolate and goodies!!! Have fun with your family and friends! Don't forget the real reason for the celebration! :)

My Easter gift to you is a link to some funny Easter Cartoons! Please enjoy!!


Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

Howdy do blogging world!! Hope all of you are about to embark on a wonderful Easter weekend full of fun and family. :) If you noticed the title of this blog and the bad pun I did, it will probably explain my week. LOL It has been hectic to say the least. I haven't quite been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off..but close. What has been so hectic? Simple..mail art. I joined my first Mail Art exchange and thought it would be easy to do. I was wrong..LOL It's not that it's difficult, it's just that my partner's favorite color is I've been going blind slowly with so much red. I can't put up a pic of it yet as she hasn't recieved it..but I will when she gets it. Just to give you a taste, it was done on Oatmeal Fiddlers Aida using DMC 75 which is a red varigated thread. That's all you get for now! LOL

I did recieve a BEAUTIFUL mail art envelope from my dear friend Nona! Isn't it cute!!?? She knows me too well as she stitched Newton's Law on it. I love that teddy bear!! least I think he's a teddy bear! She did a great job on it!

This is the front of it! It was done on what looks to be a hand-dyed fabric of light blues and pinks. The two little ladybug buttons have elastic that wraps around them to hold it shut. I had to blur out the addresses for privacy of course, but they were stitched in the patented Newton's Law font. :)

Here's the back of it with Newton! Isn't he cute!?!?! I love it!!! :) In the inside of the envelope, was a lovely card and a kit. The kit was a chinese symbol that says Good Fortune...Definately going to be yet another WIP for me soon! LOLOLOL

I'll answer the SBQ and the Booking Through Thursday questions tomorrow. I have a stitchy date tomorrow with my good friend R. LOL We haven't seen each other in two months I believe...*gasp* it's hard to believe it's been that long. We were going to do lunch as well, but the place that we usually go to is closed tomorrow for the Easter holidays. :( Boo! Oh well, at least I get some stitchy time in. Have no idea what I"m going to take yet...LOL I'll figure that out here in a few...

Have a great day! Happy Easter!!


X Stitch X

Howdy do! Yesterday was a great day! The sun was shining, it was cool but not hot. Ahhh...a true definition of what I think Spring to be. :) T and I had a pleasent afternoon venturing to the book fair over the mountain. Sadly, we didn't come out with many books but we had fun just being together. :) We did get some of our FAVORITE BBQ chips, Martin's M chips! A Godsend to say the least!! LOL But it was a nice afternoon trip. :)
My thumb has healed!! YAY! I managed to put some neosporin on it when it happened and POOF all better!! :) LOL I did a little stitching tonight and finished up a magnet but that's it. Tomorrow or today since it's past midnight..LOL I'll probably work on Happy Everything. I'm in the mood to do that. :) Or I might start Happy Spring by Lizzie Kate. Something small and simple! Hehe...
Anyhoo, I've got a few questions to answer from Booking Through Thursday so here you go: Enjoy!! Happy Stitching everyone!

X Stitch X

1. Do you have a favorite character(s)?

Yes I do.

2. What book/author is he/she/it from?

He is The Great Gatsby from well The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

3. Why do you like this person--what is it about the way he/she was written that drew you to them?

Hmmm..I was drawn to him because eventhough he is quite rich and well established in life, he is extremely naive. The way that he looks at everything in life with almost the pure innoncence of a child is amazing to me. He's so charming and witty but so clueless to the mysteries of love, when someone is using you. He's just such a wonderful character but so tragic at the same time. A true definition of what the American Dream is in an optimists mind versus reality.

4. Is there something more you would like the author to tell you about them?

No, not really as I think Fitzgerald gives you just enough information. Enough to know him personally but not delve too deep into his psyche.

Howdy do bloggers! I hope everyone had a great Friday! We finally got some much needed rain here..YAY! It was even nice and came with a light show...a boomer that brought lightening...but I don't mind those kind. Just a typical Spring storm. :) It actually got me in the mood to stitch. So there I was, pulling out an alphabet and some floss and the fabric to stitch a quickie magnet when it happened. I managed to give myself a very nasty paper cut on the squishy part of my thumb!!! Owie!!! So until that heals a bit, I can't stitch as the cut is right where the needle sits when I have to pull it through the fabric. *sniff sniff* Oh well..will just have to find a good book to read or something. LOL

So here's to a rainy weekend...and some time to relax...oh and a quite healing of my thumb as I wanna stitch!!!! :p LOL

Have a good one!

X Stitch X

Howdy do blogging friends! As you can see I haven't quite fixed my mishap yet..but I will work on it tonight. :) Anyhoo, since today is Wednesday it's time for the SBQ and I've also added my answers to the Booking Through Thursday question from last week. Enjoy!! No stitching today...but I did finish listing all my stash for sale! Whoo hooo!!! So I will put that up here soon as to give my blogging friends a chance at it.

Have a good one! Happy STitchin! X Stitch X

SBQ: April 5th 2006

Do you stitch “on the go?” (On the commute to and from work, during your lunch break, waiting for the kids, etc.) If so, do you have a specific “travel” project or do you just grab whatever you happen to be working on and take it with you

Hmm..good question. I don't stitch on the go as first I can't stitch while in a moving car as it gives me a headache..but strangely only if I'm in the passenger seat..if I'm in the back seat..I don't get a headache. Weird I know..However, I do take a stitching project with me on vacation or overnight trips. Usually it's just the project I'm currently working on and maybe some smaller things like magnets or cards to have a sense of accomplishment while on vacation. LOL

Booking Through Thursday: March 30th 2006

*Name your favorite author and....*

Ok..a little background. It took me a long time to come up with an author to choose as I like soooo many! But I picked one that I truly here you go! :)

Favorite Author: Fannie Flagg

1. What are some of your favorite books by this author?

Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man, Whistle Stop Cafe, and Welcome to the world Baby Girl

2. Why do you like this author?

I like this author for two reasons. One she is a redhead like myself and her personality bleeds through her writing. Redheads are often outspoken, funny, a bit sarcastic, and full of energy. (At least they are in my experience) Secondly, she is a true Southern lady. Her wit and Southern grace is very evident in some of the ways she develops her characters plus the fact that all of her books take place in small southern towns. If you want to read a charming yet funny book about classic Southern culture, then definately check her out. :)

3. Have you read everything by this author? Why or why not?

No I haven't read everything by her. As to why, I do not know. Some of her books are rather hard to find and are often checked out in the library which I must rely on. Plus she always seems to be coming out with new books that I somehow miss finding out about until I go visit her section in the library. LOL But I do intend to read everything she's written! :) you may have noticed my blog has a lot of things missing and a new background!! I was playing with it..making it better..and I must have goofed and reset the settings...*sigh* I will return it to it's Spring status tomorrow...right now I'm frustrated and going to bed...

Dern thing!!! *sticks tongue out at it*


Howdy do blogging world! It's officially spring now as we had our first bout with nasty thunderboomers last night! The weatherman hyped them up more than what they actually were..mainly just some lightening and thunder. I was scared though as we were under a tornado watch and out of all the things I would want to do in my life..being Dorothy is not one of them. I have been in Earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, blizzards and even a near miss with an avalanche...but I do NOT care to add tornado to my list thank you. :p I was more worried about T as he was still at work and they were getting nastier as they were heading his way....:( He made it home safely..a bit drenched but safe. He decided to make a pit stop to delay his travels at the store to pick up a surprise for me! :) Awwwww....and luckily the storm blew passed while he was at the store. :)

Anyhoo, not much production on the stitching front...much of the day was spent cataloging, photographing and pricing stash to put in my photobucket album for sale. I need to sell a few things to get some dough to buy new stuff! LOLOLOL Isn't that the way it always works??? Though unlike what I usually do with "yard sales" as I call them and spend the cash on more stash....I might actually buy some new pants and shirts. I have lost nearly a 100lbs since Oct's time for some new clothes...LOL

Hopefully tomorrow with it being cooler now and sunny...I can get some stitching in. Once I finish organizing my stash for sale of course. LOL Maybe I'll get some good progress on Happy Everything though I have some more birthday presents to do. Hmmm...dilemmas....

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Howdy do everyone! It's now April..can you believe it??? Pretty soon it will be summertime! EEK!! Where does the time go?? Remember how it seemed to take FOREVER to get to the weekend when you where in school?? LOL Anyhoo, not much done on the stitching front today. :( I did manage to get some batteries for the camera so tomorrow's project will be picture taking, organizing, pricing all this stash I have lying around. LOL No worries I"m not selling all of it...just the part that I look at now and go what in the world was I thinking?? LOL

I joined a new group today....I got the link from Karen'sBlog. Thanks Karen!! I decided to check it out..and now I'm not only will you be getting Stitcher's Blogging'll be getting Booking Through Thursday questions now too. As if you don't already know a ton about me....I felt you needed more. LOL

So I will answer the questions I still have to think about my answers and narrow it down....LOL

Have a great day all!

X Stitch X