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Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

IT can't be me sitting here actually writing this blog! *gasp* It can't really be my last day of 28 tomorrow only to turn 29 on Wednesday. It can't be true that I haven't stitched on anything since this spring and that I tried to acquire some new yummy threads this weekend to get me back in the "mood" and couldn't find any. =P It can't be true. None of this can. It's all a dream right??? *sigh*

How a long for a sense of normalcy again. To be able to stitch, read, write or do something without having my mind be full of worries and such.

Blah...I hate Mondays! =P

X Stitch X

This blog might be coming back to life here soon as the holiday season is rapidly approaching and so it my itching for stitching! Now just to find the time....maybe I'll do some of that this weekend and next..since my birthday is Next Wednesday....just a little gift to myself. Might even get some new stash...mainly threads....;)

I miss you all! Hope you are doing well!!!


X Stitch X

It is with regret my dear stitching friends that I inform you that I have to shut this blog down for a while. I am unable to stitch due to the immense chaos that has occured in my life recently nor have the heart to because of such chaos. I do not wish to go into it as frankly I am not the type of person that airs her dirty laundry in front of others. I never have been. It takes a lot for me to talk to someone about my issues as I'm usually the type of person that sits there and listens to others issues instead. It was how I grew up...and I'm sorry if it's not comforting to you.

Please know that I'll be ok....I've gone through worse things in life and shall get through this strife too. If you wish to stay in contact with me please do so. You can reach me at stitchertigger at yahoo dot com. Let the spam commeth as I just put my email address online. Haha....

I'm sorry stitching friends but I do hope you understand. I really just need time...and friendship right now.


Ash (the person behind Stitch's Showcase)

Has it really been a month since I've written in my blog??? Eesh..that's just terrible. You would think it's been due to me being so busy I don't know whether I"m coming or going but sadly no. It's been due to not much to say. LOL This is a stitching blog too so it doesn't get updated when I don't stitch. :( However, that will change as I have been stitching quite a lot lately just need to release the pictures from the prison that is known as my digital camera. ;)

Oh and shameless plug but I"m having a stash sale:

Ash's Stash Sale

Email: Stitchertigger at yahoo dot com

If you see anything you like let me know. I have a paypal account now! Prices don't include S/H.

I hope all my stitching friends are doing well! :)

I'll update with pictures soon...I've been working on that list I had on my last stay tuned for updates. ;)


X Stitch X

I stitched!! Yes, you read the correctly! No need to rub your eyes and blink them incessantly, I did stitch this afternoon. For about an hour as I got one of my two RR packages yesterday. The one I got yesterday is the Bookmark RR I have joined and since the theme was pretty simple, I went ahead and started. :) YAY! The other RR is a pillow RR with four ladies where the end result will garner each one of us a pillow. The mail date was today but as per usual I'm running late due to a last minute change of idea. :/ The ladies though all understand and are giving me a bit of extra time. *mwha*

Oh yes my theme for the Bookmark RR is celestial as I will be sending the finished bookmarks to the St. Jude's Bookmark program. The one I worked on today was children's themed as the lady wishes to give it to her son. :) I'll show a picture later of what I chose. It felt good to stitch though. :)

Now on to more SERIOUS matters, I realize that I am extremely behind on PIFs, IOUs and various other items. I had wished for my PIFs to be completely finished by now but obviously that didn't happen. I just want to take this time to ensure each and every one of you I WILL COME THROUGH! I have been burned many many times in my exchange/PIF history and would not wish that feeling upon anyone so I will NOT under any circumstances do that to you. I can not apologize enough that I am so far behind and keeping you waiting on your items. :( I do feel terrible about that. But I just want to assure you, and those that know me personally can vouch for me, I WILL come through!! It's just taking longer than I expected....and I also know that you will love your gifts...well I don't know that..but I hope for it! :)

So, as a reminder to be in my face constantly, I'm making a list on my blog to show myself what I need to here we go:

Pay It Forwards:

Angela K. in Colorado
Dawn in Texas
Darsha in NY
Cindy in Texas
Heather in OR

San Man Originals Stuff:

Nicky (Beauty Box)
April (Surprise Box)
Kathy (Tea Themed Box)
Melissa, Chantal, Samantha, Helga (scissor fobs)

LAS Stuff:

Linda and Barb ( A stitchy surprise)

I believe that is let's hope I get some strikethrough's through this stuff soon. :) THANK YOU for being SO patient with me y'all! :)

X Stitch X

Hi blogging friends! I'm sure you think I've all but abandoned this blog and my stitchy friends. Fear not, I haven't...just been unable to post anything. Life has been very busy..coupled with I haven't really stitched in a long time...equals time away from the blog. I have kept each of you in my thoughts though, so does that count for something? ;) Hehe....

I'm not sure why I'm in such a stitching slump! I have so many PIFs and IOUs to complete...but every time I sit aside some time to stitch....I do something else. Read, write, bead; basically anything but stitch. I miss my hobby but I think I've really burnt myself out somehow. :( Even new stash doesn't appeal to me..which is TERRIFYING! LOLOL Though I do see some yummy threads on some of your blogs! :) I'm sure I'll work out of it soon. I still want to start Crane Paradise and a few other projects. I'm just in shock that nearly half of the year is already over. *insert open mouth wide-eyed face*

Still looking on the job front...hoping I can land something soon. People just don't call you anymore to tell you either way..."no thanks" or "we'd like to schedule an interview". Bah! :P Doesn't do much for the soul....But I digress.

Anyway, have a good one!!! *BIG HUGE HUGS* Know you are in my heart and prayers!

Love you to you all!

X Stitch X

PS. If you have some mojo lying around, please feel free to send it my way. LOL

Hi everyone! I just wanted to shift focus for a moment away from stitching to share this poem I wrote. I wrote this poem while looking at a candle that I had lit in honor of the VT family. (VT - Virginia Tech) I don't normally share my writing at all but something told me to share this one. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll just say's a shame I even had to write it. :(

As I sit here and watch
this flame rise from its wick.
It reminds me of the flames that once burned in your eyes
and how they were extinguished so quick.

Just like the flame dances on the wall
a fluttering motion; quick and fleeting.
And how it must have been like that in that hall
watching those you called your own fall.

To have such a strong presence
just as this flame lights the room
To know that each one of your faces
were far too young and never allowed to bloom.

So I light this candle in honor of you
the strong, the weak, the bold, and the brave
You professors, students and loved ones
taken too soon to your grave.

May your memory stand with us all
not just because of this day.
But due to the love, happiness and strength
you brought in each of your own special ways.

We’ll never forget those colors
the orange and maroon.
The tragic day
when 33 were lost too soon.

X Stitch X

Hi everyone! Hope this finds you well! I got an early Easter present...SNOW! That's right..SNOW! Woke up this morning to a lovely dusting of white stuff coating all the trees and flowers. It was actually quite beautiful just a bit odd to see Dogwoods covered in snow. LOL It is supposed to be cold for the next few days and then warm up again. I'm am sure everyone that has bought a new Easter outfit is quite upset at the idea of having to crush their sundresses with heavy coats. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter!! And I offer you an Easter cartoon:

Miscommunication at it's Finest

Enjoy everyone!! :) God bless! Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Hello blogging world! Where is everyone these days? Have you all been frolicking in the Spring flowers? Have you been stitching on a blanket in the sun? Have you been decorating and cooking for Easter? Where is everyone?? Hmmm......

Myself, I haven't been doing much in the way of stitching but do have a small progress update on the rose. I'm still waiting on the rest of the pink to come so I can finish the rose part. The black I have to do in bits as it nearly makes me cross eyed since there is so much of it. LOL Anyway, enjoy:

I'll be sprucing up the blog here soon for stay tuned! Hope everyone is having fun in the Spring weather!


Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Hi everyone! I'll get back into using my Punkymoods here soon as I know you all miss them. I just haven't had the time to really sit down and write much lately. Busy..busy busy. Ironically, not with crafting though. LOL No no..I'm not leaving it behind but I've been doing some other things instead. Don't worry my needle still calls to me in my sleep. LOL

Hope everyone had a lovely St. Patty's day! It was a COLD one here! In the 30s. Brrrr!! Anyway, I put up a new template as it's no longer St. Patty's day! LOL Hope you like it!

I'll hopefully have more to share and such soon! I miss writing in my blog!


Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

Hi everyone! Remember me? LOL First let me start of this post with a very Happy Birthday Wish to my great friend L! I love you!! Hope you are having a great time on vacation and that you are getting spoiled rotten!! :) Next year, hopefully we'll get to celebrate together :)

Ok....I've been stitching! What?? Yes...I've been stitching! I've been working on the rose some more..but sadly I've run out of the pink thread. *sniff sniff* It's a limited edition from Carrie's threads, Flamingo and I have to wait to see if she can make me some more. *keep your fingers crossed* Otherwise it's frog city....and I really don't want to go that route. But here is an updated PICTURE: (I took it right before my batteries died)

Other than that...not much going on. STill waiting to hear the phone ring for an interview...they are closed I know it won't be today.

Happy Stitching everyone!! *HUGS*

X Stitch X

Good gracious!!! It's the seventh of March already! What happened to February??? *smacks forehead* Jeepers, I haven't updated in that long. Yikes! Let's see what's been going on with me. Not much honestly, I'm still working to become one of the productive members of society by acquiring a job. I'm just waiting on the interview phone calls. So keep your fingers crossed. Hehe...

On the stitching front, I have made some more progress on the rose piece but the batteries have died in my camera AGAIN! :P So when I replace them, I will post some pictures. Other than that...there's not much going on down here.

Maybe I'll have some more next time..but I did want to let everyone know that they haven't carried me off to the loony bin yet. LOLOL

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Howdy do blogging world! Hope everyone is doing well..staying warm and dry. It has finally gotten warm here but like the snow that is melting; it appears it will be fleeting. They are calling from some sleety stuff this weekend but should rebound back to warmer temperatures. :) I know the heat bill will be grateful. LOL

Now...someone that reads this blog is a Saint!! This person must have read my complaint of how my stash of fabric was getting quite low. Who would of thought that?? Upon opening up yesterday's snail mail, I got a package FULL of fabric!!! I do mean FULL! Here is a picture of all the pretty colors....YUM!!! She's a sneaky one..but I love her anyway! LOLOL THANK YOU!!! :)

All these pretty colors and yummy fabrics inspired me to get busy with my needle again. I have been suffering quite badly from If I see another Cross Stitch project due to Christmas...I will seriously scream syndrome! But I did manage to stitch this which will be the front of a needle book and start this other piece. It will be a small pillow and has WAY too much black!!! OY!! Cross eyed much???

It came from a UK magazine as they were motifs in Art Deco. The threads are all Carrie's threads except for the black. It's hard to see but those are actually small pink beads. I know..I know more pink but it's for an exchange. ;)

This will be very similar to the rose above however it will have the initials of the person it's for and a bit bigger scale. :)

So that's pretty much all from my neck of the post hopefully I'll have a better update of the second piece. Have a good one!


X Stitch X

Hello blogging friends! Yes it is true. I the one girl in the world it appears who loathes pink is using it for her blog. Now let me explain please. My favorite color is blue and I adore Chinese themes. I spent much of the past few days searching for Chinese themed blog backgrounds only to come up short handed. Once I learn how to master the art of making a seamless tile, this will change. However, I did come across this lovely Chinese Cherry Blossom pattern and despite it's wretched PINK...into my background folder it went. If I had my choice though, it would be a pale blue cherry blossom background..LOL but I digress. So my is pink. :P It is growing on me though.

Update on the PIF situation: I have heard from all members except for Angela..and I'm unable to reach her. So I will press forward with the ones I do have and hope that Angela will contact me soon. *waves...Yoo hoo????*

Now for my funny idiotic moment of the day. I got up this morning and came online to see a friend of mine on there. We started chatting as usual about life, our plans for the day, etc. So I began to tell her how I had to run to the post office and do a few things. I needed to send out a few packages, etc. I'm sure had I been in the room with her she would have been snickering as her next comment to me was : It's a holiday! I understand how people can often forget the days or the month. You get busy with other things, time slips by, I get it. Here's the clincher...I have THREE calenders staring me in the face everyday. My mini Garfield one on the fridge for that first morning laugh while muttering there is nothing to eat. The Puppy/Kitty one on the wall for that quick Awwwwww as you race out the door. Finally, the Almanac calender with the moon phases, weather predictions, where you pains are going to be..that sort of thing. I also own two that is blank and I draw pretty pictures in for the days..etc and my Procrastinator's Planner. Five means of finding out that today is a holiday...and I managed to miss them all. *smacks head* As Bill Engvall would say, Here's your sign!

So my readers, don't forget to actually look at your calenders once in a while because if you don't..and your friend is not online to stop could trek out in the cold, fight traffic and arrive at a PO that is closed due to President's day. Not a good way to start off a week....:p

Have a good one!! Happy Stitchin!!


X Stitch X

Hi blogging friends! Just wanted to wish each of you a very Happy Valentine's Day! Of course as usual, I'm a day late..but better late than never. LOL I do hope it was filled with love and chocolate! Hehehe...

Here is my gift to you:

Chocolate Pincushions

They are very yummy looking, useful AND contain NO calories!! Hehehe



X Stitch X

Hi everyone! Short message this morning...but here is the latest standings on my Pay It Forward.

Lani - Heard from
Dasha - Heard From
Cindy - Heard From
Stitchingnow - Heard From
QuiltorStitch - Working on Hearing From :)

Please email me at stitchertigger at yahoo dot com.

1. Favorite colors
2. Things you like. (dogs, cats, fabric..etc)
3. Your snail mail address.
4. One stitchy thing that you really are in need of right now.
5. Any other information you think might be pertinent. :)

Hope to hear from the rest soon! :D Come out come out..wherever you are! :D


X Stitch X

Hi everyone! It appears that blogger is being a bit of a snot and not allowing me to upload pics. :P SO, little does it realize that I do have alternative methods of showing off my stuff. Bwhwhahahahahahaha!!! So pardon the links but that will have to do for now. It's not much...but it is something. Some of the ornaments I stitched went to their owners without me taking a picture of it. :( Anyway, enjoy!!

Stay warm and I'm still waiting to hear from a few of my PIF people. :)

X Stitch X


This is the ornie I made for my dear friend Lani while she was overseas. It is a Val's Stuff pattern and of course I added my own pizzaz to it with the Snowflake buttons. It's finished in a puffy semi-pillow.


This is the ornie I made for the SanManOriginals Exchange. My partner was Kelly and she adored Santas. Cute ones though. LOL So I made this very traditional pattern cute by adding on the little fuzzy red noses. :) It is finished in a semi-pinkeep method.


This is the ornie I made for the LASOrnieExchange. Enough exchanges, Ash? LOL It was for my partner Mary whom liked traditional Santas. Well for those that know me, I always like to spice things up a bit so I stitched this Santa Crescent moon. :) He's finished in a pillow with red gingham fabric on the back. The fabric is actually a pale blue, I don't know why it's darker. :P

Oy vey! Could it get any colder?? I'm sure it could and frankly I don't want to complain to much or Mother Nature might give me something to complain about. LOL It's been quite cold so I haven't been doing much of anything except burying myself under blankets and doing some computer work. No stitching. :( I am in the process of organizing several projects to start including some IOUs and gifts. :) Yay! I desperately need to hit a fabric shop though. My Aida fabric is quite sad right now. It appears I've stitched too much at Christmas and am running QUITE low. LOL

Now..before I forget...the Pay It Forward situation. I am going to be organizing all of these projects here soon. So from each of these people, I need the following:

Lani - I think I have you covered! ;)

Please email me at stitchertigger at yahoo dot com.

1. Favorite colors
2. Things you like. (dogs, cats, fabric..etc)
3. Your snail mail address.
4. One stitchy thing that you really are in need of right now.
5. Any other information you think might be pertinent. :)

Hope to hear from you all soon! :) Off to go get warm again! *BIG HUGS*

X Stitch X

Stay WARM everyone!!

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Howdy bloggers! Remember me?? LOL I want to know something. Who left the freezer door open in heaven again?? It is absolutely FREEZING! They are calling for some snow and sleet tomorrow which should make for a fun commute. Luckily, I don't have to go anywhere and neither does T. So we'll be huddled up in the house, staying warm and doing our various things. :)

Maybe tomorrow will be the day that I pull out the stitching needle again. Of course I am looking for a pattern to start that I've put somewhere and can't find now!!! Curses!!! I hate it when that happen. However, it's my fault because when I placed it in its spot, I said the dreadful phrase " I won't lose it now". *smacks forehead* That is a 100 percent guarantee that I WON"T find it now! LOL Ever notice how that happens???

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hi. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. :) Have some hot cocoa and some stitching time.


EDITED to add: Stay tuned for some details for my PAY IT FORWARD people :)

X Stitch X

What's this??? Am I actually typing online from a place other than a Wi-Fi station!!! gosh it is! LOL I'm back online my friends. Everything was finally hooked up yesterday! YAY!! So I am now diving deep into the messages I've missed while being away. It's sort of odd as I'm excited to be back online but sort of feel like a stranger again. It appears so much has gone on while I was away, not that I was expecting the world to cease..LOL It's just hard to jump right in...hmm...I'm sure I'll get over it.

Thank you all for those that read this while I was away! I do hope to make up for the lack of posts and give you those pictures I've promised. :)

Have a good one!

X Stitch X

Hi blogging friends! I have a little access to the net today so I thought I'd update you all on the progress. It's not good. It appears that "they", meaning the ISP, are waiting on a part that is to be delivered from Kansas City, Mo on a snail. I say snail as they have now said that it will take THREE WEEKS to be up and running! *Insert many expletives* So we are going to try to find an interim solution which means it'll be a sporadic month on posting. Sorry :( I'm just as upset as you all are.

Hope everyone is enjoying their New Year! See you off and on!

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Oh and I'll work on getting the page fixed up with a new background..or at least not make it look so choppy. :p