Stitch's Showcase

Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

I stitched!! Yes, you read the correctly! No need to rub your eyes and blink them incessantly, I did stitch this afternoon. For about an hour as I got one of my two RR packages yesterday. The one I got yesterday is the Bookmark RR I have joined and since the theme was pretty simple, I went ahead and started. :) YAY! The other RR is a pillow RR with four ladies where the end result will garner each one of us a pillow. The mail date was today but as per usual I'm running late due to a last minute change of idea. :/ The ladies though all understand and are giving me a bit of extra time. *mwha*

Oh yes my theme for the Bookmark RR is celestial as I will be sending the finished bookmarks to the St. Jude's Bookmark program. The one I worked on today was children's themed as the lady wishes to give it to her son. :) I'll show a picture later of what I chose. It felt good to stitch though. :)

Now on to more SERIOUS matters, I realize that I am extremely behind on PIFs, IOUs and various other items. I had wished for my PIFs to be completely finished by now but obviously that didn't happen. I just want to take this time to ensure each and every one of you I WILL COME THROUGH! I have been burned many many times in my exchange/PIF history and would not wish that feeling upon anyone so I will NOT under any circumstances do that to you. I can not apologize enough that I am so far behind and keeping you waiting on your items. :( I do feel terrible about that. But I just want to assure you, and those that know me personally can vouch for me, I WILL come through!! It's just taking longer than I expected....and I also know that you will love your gifts...well I don't know that..but I hope for it! :)

So, as a reminder to be in my face constantly, I'm making a list on my blog to show myself what I need to here we go:

Pay It Forwards:

Angela K. in Colorado
Dawn in Texas
Darsha in NY
Cindy in Texas
Heather in OR

San Man Originals Stuff:

Nicky (Beauty Box)
April (Surprise Box)
Kathy (Tea Themed Box)
Melissa, Chantal, Samantha, Helga (scissor fobs)

LAS Stuff:

Linda and Barb ( A stitchy surprise)

I believe that is let's hope I get some strikethrough's through this stuff soon. :) THANK YOU for being SO patient with me y'all! :)

X Stitch X

Hi blogging friends! I'm sure you think I've all but abandoned this blog and my stitchy friends. Fear not, I haven't...just been unable to post anything. Life has been very busy..coupled with I haven't really stitched in a long time...equals time away from the blog. I have kept each of you in my thoughts though, so does that count for something? ;) Hehe....

I'm not sure why I'm in such a stitching slump! I have so many PIFs and IOUs to complete...but every time I sit aside some time to stitch....I do something else. Read, write, bead; basically anything but stitch. I miss my hobby but I think I've really burnt myself out somehow. :( Even new stash doesn't appeal to me..which is TERRIFYING! LOLOL Though I do see some yummy threads on some of your blogs! :) I'm sure I'll work out of it soon. I still want to start Crane Paradise and a few other projects. I'm just in shock that nearly half of the year is already over. *insert open mouth wide-eyed face*

Still looking on the job front...hoping I can land something soon. People just don't call you anymore to tell you either way..."no thanks" or "we'd like to schedule an interview". Bah! :P Doesn't do much for the soul....But I digress.

Anyway, have a good one!!! *BIG HUGE HUGS* Know you are in my heart and prayers!

Love you to you all!

X Stitch X

PS. If you have some mojo lying around, please feel free to send it my way. LOL