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Hi everyone! Hope all of you are doing well! I LOL Just got over a bout with the stomach flu..Merry Christmas to me...and now the ISP will be another week! GRRRRR!!! I'm running out of books and cross stitch! LOL Not really....but I miss my internet!!! So...I came to the library just to jet out a quick entry wishing everyone Happy New Year! Stay safe tonight but have fun!

I'll see you in 2007..hopefully..or I just might go plum stir crazy! LOL


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ISP servers! YAY! We have finally told our current cable internet provider to kiss our *bumpers* and are going with a new more reliable and better company. However, the process of transformation will take up to a week. SO my blogging friends that means you won't see my pretty little face for a week. I SHOULD be back before the New Years..but will miss Christmas. So, to all of my readers..I wish you the most happiest and healthiest Christmas. I hope all your dreams come true and that the love of the season remains in your hearts forever. :) Merry Christmas and God bless!

Don't worry though, I will be stitching on my hiatus...won't have the internet so I have do something..LOLOLOL

*BIG HUGS* Happy Stitchin!!

See you soon!

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Howdy do blogging world! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm doing ok. I hate the USPS right now. It's making me look like a terrible exchanger. I have joined three, SanMan, LAS and SBEBB ornie exchanges. The SanMan saga: sent out one package on time, ornie got eaten by the sending out the second package. LAS saga: same as SanMan only this is the THIRD one because the second one has yet to arrive and I"m getting fussed at. SBEBB: first one went MIA or something..I don't even remember the second one is gone out..yet I missed the overseas deadline to get it there by Christmas. I feel awful!!! I have never had so much problem with exchanges..usually I'm the one that doesn't get anything. Now I"m the one doing that..or at least that's what it feels like. I do my damnedest to get exchanges out on time..and make them worthwhile. Even if life gets in the way, I'll still render a night sleepless to get things out. I just don't won't to be labeled a bad exchanger because I'm not. :( *sigh*

Secondly, to the following people your Christmas packages will be delayed. With me having to spend all this extra time and money to get this exchanges out, I haven't quite finished with yours. :( I'm sorry. Jenna, Lili, Outi, Jo and a few others I can't think of at the moment. I do hope you know I will send them out to you. Life has just been hell the past two months. I do hope you understand....and I feel awful about it. I'm so sorry to those that are expecting from me. I know I let you down..and will be perfectly ok if you never let me join an exchange again. I would hope my friends could vouch for me that I do come through eventually. Just as I said, sometimes things happen with which we have no control over.

Off to go's my therapy these days. Cheaper than a some instances.

Happy Stitchin!

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Howdy do blogging world! Hope everyone is well. It's gotten warm here again. Doesn't make sense, one week it's freezing cold and the next it's back up to the 60s. *sigh* Go figure. But it's been an ok few days. I finally finished and mailed my package to L. YAY! That's a HUGE relief, hence the punkymood. I just will feel even better when it's in her hands. :) So please pray to the mail Angels that it gets there in one piece and soon! Hehe.

Other than that, I'm still working on Christmas ornaments. Yes, I know only a few more weeks! I'll get them done. I do my best work under massive pressure..hehe. So today is show what I got in the mail day. Enjoy!

First off, my SBEBB package from
It was for the Christmas ornament exchange I joined! I can't believe I actually joined THREE this year! LOL Mad woman that I am. Anyway, she sent me a lovely snowman ornament and some fun stash. Some beautiful blue DMC Fabric and of course an awesome UK mag that not only featured a Tigger design, but a Margaret Sherry design too! YAY!! I hope to sit down and look through the mag tonight! THANKS so much Andrea!!! :)

That's a closeup of the ornament she made for me. It's on light blue fabric. :)

Finally, I got a package from my friend .
She sent me a surprise with specific instructions to not open till Christmas! Since I'm such a good girl, I'm doing just that and have hidden the package somewhere so I won't be eaten up with anticipation. LOL I just hope I can remember where I put it come Christmas day! LOL

Oh also got a few Christmas cards from some online friends and am happy to report about 80 percent of mine are out. I need to finish those up. I took a break as I couldn't think of more things to say. LOL

Have a good one! *HUGS*

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Howdy do blogging world! Hope everyone is doing well! :) Now first let me apologize for my choice of words in my last entry and my creating quite a sense of worry amongst my friends. I am doing fine..just had to go through a rough patch there. It's not as rough but as my mood illustrates, I'm growing. :) We all go through trials in life and it's up to us to make sure that during the time we either put out a positive light or a negative light. I'm choosing the positive but in order for me to achieve that, I had to take a few days of reflection, so I do hope you understand. I'm doing well now..:) that the mushy stuff is out of the's time for pictures!! YAY! First is the BEAUTIFUL mail art that my friend Cindy

That's the back of it! I believe they are Margaret Sherry patterns. Here is the front:

Inside there were two lovely cookbooks, threads, and a magnet. :) Yay! Thank you Cindy! I love it! Sorry it took me so long to get the pictures up.

Finally, one ornament to show you. LOL I got the right light to try and do it justice but it still looks pretty wonky in my mind's eye. It is on a blue fabric contrary to what the picture shows:

Hope you like them! :D Happy Stitchin!

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Howdy do blogging world! I'm still here...just feeling very withdrawn lately. I've been dealing with some stuff and secretly would like to crawl in a hole and disappear for a while. Some of my blogging friends know what's going on so I won't broadcast it on here. It's not the place to and I'm still in the process of dealing with it myself. Maybe one day I'll share...

Still stitching...just haven't been posting much. I've got pictures to share but probably won't blow out the image load until the end. Just want to make sure I get all out in time for Christmas! *Sigh* Snuck up on me!

Thanks for your support..those of you know who you are...and I know I'll get through this. It's just quite hard....right now....and conflicting feelings don't help. :(

Have a good one all!

Happy Stitchin!

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