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Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Howdy do! Long time no write that means I've been busy scaling Mt. Everest or lost in the Amazon jungle, right? Nope...just haven't blogged in a excuse really but I have my little Blog Policeofficer now and she'll tell me when it's been too long without a blog! LOLOL

Anyhoo...not much stitching going on, though I finished a couple of needlebooks that I will show off here soon. YAY! Tomorrow will be getting batteries as I also have acquired the battery police as well...LOL Of course, it will also be grocery shopping..and other things as T has to work this weekend. :/ Maybe I'll go with him to keep him company...don't know yet.

Alright now to the point of this blog...I have made a new friend through of his fellow coworkers...let's call her L....and we've recently started emailing each other during the I do with T. ( Yes they do actually work as well) LOL Very hard mind you!! Anyhoo, she sent me a certificate that I am most proud of!! I am offically with this certificate an Office Groupie...meaning that even though I don't work there...I am a member of the group! What comes with this priviledge?? Hearing all the juicy gossip about fellow co--workers and two good friends! :) Just kidding about the gossip...or am I?? I'll leave you to ponder that...

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

Howdy do! Well I squeezed out the last little bit of energy in the batteries of my camera to take these pics. I haven't done much stitching this weekend...been too engrosed in other things. Shame on me!! LOL I really need to stitch..I've got a birthday package that needs to go out the birthday is the 31st! Eek!!! :) So anyhoo...enjoy the pics!!

This is my most current update on Happy Everything! I haven't worked on it much this month as March seems to be a really big birthday month in the way of my friends! LOL

This is San Man's Happy Day. A pattern exclusive only to message board members. Anyhoo, I changed all the colors from the original pattern and it will be turned into a needlebook for a birthday pressie for a friend of mine! :)

Last but not least...this is the Marcie Thinking Binky square. Quick and I think she's a cutie!! :)

So there you go..some of my progress during my away time. I'll take more pics of my finishes when I get some please be patient! :)

Happy Stitchin!

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Howdy do blogging world! Here I sit today having not accomplished much of anything. I have laundry I need to do...stitching I need to do....but yet I'm not drawn to do either. LOL Ever feel like that?? I did manage to do a little cleaning today...just the dishes..but hey it's something right. LOL

Anyhoo, there is a side of me that some of you don't know..I am a DUKE basketball FREAK!!! I have loved Duke basketball since I can remember...and tonight was their Sweet 16 game. No..they are not turning 16 years's just the name of the level that they have reached in the NCAA Tourney. Their opponents were LSU ( Louisana State University ) and all week all of the major sports "peeps" have been declaring their love for LSU. Now, I being a Duke fan was waiting for our time to shut up the media and kick 'em where it hurts by beating the living Hades out of LSU. I'm still waiting....needless to say Duke LOST tonight!! We had an off night but that it not the main point why we lost...the main reason is simply this..REFS don't call things BOTH ways!!!!! We were constantly fouled and battered but because the media had decided that LSU was going to beat DUKE...they were ignored. So the point of this is that if you are going to call it BOTH ways...when you flip a quarter you can't always call the same thing everytime because you look like a DONKEY! Plus you will lose more than you win...but that's not the point...

So my beloved Dukies lost tonight and we are out of the close yet so far away...*sigh*

To my Dukies:

You played your hearts out and gave us a great season! Don't think of yourselves as failing as in you lost..everyone loses eventually. The point is to take this loss as a building point to a wonderful season next year! Thanks for a great season J.J, Sheldon, Sean, Lee, Ross, and Patrick J! Good luck in your future endeavors but never forget you have the heart of a Blue Devil!! :)

You'll always been number 1 to me no matter what!

Hmm..seems my blogging friends have decided to go into hiding for a bit considering the amount of comments I have. LOL Tis ok..we all need a break sometimes..Anyhoo, not much happened today on the crafting front. I did some planning of projects but not any stitching..but there is always tomorrow. :)

Anyhoo..I'll answer the SBQ tomorrow as well but I would like to start a online decree to the company that makes Triscuit crackers. You have a wonderful new cracker flavor of Rosemary and Olive Oil. I buy these boxes often as they are just sooo good and quite addicting. However, upon entering the grocery store to replenish my stash usually in a cranky mood as some child has decided to use a cart as a racing car, I find an unwelcome surprise. Much to my dismay, your company DOES NOT make a Family Size box of these crackers. I would appreciate a family size box as it would last longer and it would save on the green stuff ( money ). So I'm calling all Rosemary and Olive Oil Triscuit lovers to unite and let's alert the company by signing my online petition. It's very simple...just leave a comment on my blog and lets hope we can change this!!!

Thank you!

X Stitch X

Good evening Bloggy friends! Notice anything different?? LOL I played with my blog today and made it snazzy I think. Hehe..Hope you like it. Let me know if you have any problems with reading I can tamper with the text colors next. Anyhoo, no batteries today..tried to find them but they were sold out so no pics yet. Sorry! :( Odd day today...woke up to snow didn't stick around long but it was pretty. Odd in the sense that it's the first full day of SPRING...I think Mother Nature forgot today was Spring..LOL

As for crafty things..made a few more beaded fobs for people. Contests I have had on some of the message boards I belong I think it's time I sent them out! LOL Other than that..wrote a few letters and got some packages together..pretty boring day. Hopefully tomorrow I can find batteries for my camera and show off here as I know you are all eager to see what I've been stitching...after all this is a stitchy blog. LOLOL

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Howdy do! Hope everyone had a good day! I did..I spent most of it on the puter getting reacquainted with my friend's blogs..LOL Good looking stuff out there!! *Applause* I also did a spring cleaning of my stash and will be posting up a for sale album in my stay tuned. :) Tis a great way to start off a new season with some new stash! LOL Anyhoo, it won't be for a few days tho as I found out today that the battery in my digi camera has no pics till I go get a new'll just have to be patient! LOLOLOL

Ok..well I thought I'd tackle the SBQ's I missed while I was enjoy!!

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X


March 1, 2006 Question:

What cross-stitch magazines or other publications (as opposed to blogs) do you read on a regular basis? What do you like about them? What do you not like? What would your perfect publication include?

Hmm..Good question! I don't frequent the cross stitch magazine frontier that often as they are expensive and most of the time useless to me. However, I do love the UK mags! Though I can't love them as much as I would want to as a subscription is more than $100 bucks!! having said that, my favorite is Quick and Easy. Almost always it has a few good patterns and heaven knows I appreciate the card designs as they often are of things that are perfect for those you might not know what to make them. Get it? LOL I have purchased several Britain's No 1 Cross Stitcher has they have Margaret Sherry patterns in them nine times out of ten.

As for my perfect publication, that is simple. It would have to include a FULL number and alphabet set. ( Unique themes are much appreciated) Some feel good stories as I call them, just basically people showing off their work as sometimes you just need that boost when you are in a slump. Plenty of tips..not just how to stitch tho as most of the magazines have...but more importantly how to finish!!!! Ideas on how to make tuck pillows, needlebooks..etc. A combination of patterns that are whole stitches for the beginner but also include new stitches or more complex patterns as some of the magazines cater to the beginner which often loses the more advanced stitcher. Umm..I think that's it.. Oh..and get RID of those Celeb stitch patterns!!! UGH!! :P

March 8, 2006

Do you have an organizational system for your patterns? If so, how do you organize them? If not, have you considered organizing them?

As a matter of fact, I do have an organizational system for my patterns. They are all in an accordian file sorted by subject matter. My freebies are the same way but placed in a 3 ring binder according to subject matter.

March 15, 2006

Do you stitch “over one?” If so, describe your experiences. If not, have you considered it?

No, I have not done this. I don't know why but it's probably related to evenweave scares me! I'm an Aida chick! LOL

Muwhahahahahaha!! *evil laugh* Just kidding! I'm back home now! YAY!! How I've missed being able to come on the puter and email or journal...but family comes first! I'm just glad that things are FINALLY back to normal! Of course they are as I have laundry to do, cleaning to do, things to stitch, mail to send out..ahhh..the wonders of being normal! :) LOL I missed you all while I was away and will be showing the fruits of my labor here soon! Of course once I take the pictures of the pieces and then upload them LOL. Well, now to resume to our regular program.....

YAY! *happy dance**

Have a good one!

Happy Stitchin'

X Stitch X I know some of you are sitting back freaked out because there are several entries for today! No worries...I am sitting at a coffee shop where they have unlimited internet and I'm posting all the blogs that I've written while I was away. I'm still not home..won't be till the 17th..St. Patty's Day mind you...but T is tired of me complaining about not having net! LOLOLOL No seriously, he's being a sweetheart as he knows I love keeping up my journal! : ) So he took me to this place after he came home to work and has told me to have at it! LOL So that's why so many entries! :)

Good day today! Another windy one but I managed to FINISH..yes that word did come out of my hands..a birthday present!! YAY!!! So the stitching slump is over! :) Now on to start another birthday present as March is a busy month for me!

Have a good one!

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

March 14, 2006

Whew!! What a windy day!!! Sheesh if someone was flying a kite, I bet they are orbiting Mars by now. LOL Of course, this strong wind blew the cold air back in so no more Spring weather for a little while. *sniff sniff* But hey, at least the flowers are beginning to come out and there are buds on the trees. : )
Anyhoo, had a fun filled day with my friend Lynne. Of course no stitching was accomplished as we were gabbing too much! LOL Though we did manage some stitching related items as I helped her with a pattern dilemma and she helped increase my stash! : ) Always thankful for that! LOL Hopefully, I’ll get to see her again next week and not have to wait a month like I did before. We were really good tho as usually we go out for lunch and shopping. However, the only thing we did was go to the local B&N ( Barnes and Noble) bookstore to search for the Quick and Easy March 06 issue, sadly to no avail tho. I’m going to check up here where I’m at..and hopefully they’ll have it. : ) I saw a preview of it and Harry the Hippo is soooo cute!! I love his little overalls!! : )
So that was my day! Fun fun!! Only a few more days left away from home..and then HOME!! Can’t tell I’m happy about that can ya?? LOL

Have a good one!

X Stitch X

March 13, 2006

Salutations my fine blogging friends! Another day gone by and not to much to report. Naturally, upon mentioning how much I was enjoying the weather, it has decided to change again. *sigh* Now it is to be quite windy and cold tomorrow. Mother Nature...gotta love her. LOL I know Spring will come in due time so I have to be patient. I’m sure it will be well worth the wait.
Nothing on the stitching front today either. Just seem to be going through a slump or preoccupied with other things. I did manage to do another exercise from my writing bible. I’m not going to tell you the subject as the rules were that you had to use this subject and write a poem without mentioning the subject but give enough details so that one could figure it out. Hopefully I accomplished that. So here it is:

Slicing through the innocent night sky
making an eerie sound.
A cross between a “whooo” of an owl
and a distant siren.
Reaching for a certain degree of height
as not to cause problems to the fragile Earth below.

Upon reaching that height the sound stops for a split second
only to rupture in a sonic boom.
Sound pierces the night sky
scaring the stars completely away.
The boom is not long
a few milliseconds in the sky, eternity to the human ear.

During the silence following
a beautiful scene emerges.
Colors litter the sky
as if an Impressionist came down from heaven.
All sizes and shapes
a true wonderment of such beauty crammed into a shell.

Representing hot days and picnics
scratchy grass against bare feet and blankets.
First glances, touch, kisses
these romantic Chinese stars.
Most important, symbols of freedom
as a flag waves proudly in the distance.

LOL Does this mean I’m published now? I mean since I put it in my blog and anyone can read it?? LOL Just teasin! Anyhoo, if you know what it is...take a guess and add a comment with your guess.

Ok..tomorrow is a fun filled day with my buddy Lynne! YAY! Movies, maybe some shopping, lunch, stitching...gabbing...who knows what we’ll do but we always have fun!! Heaven knows I need a nice’s good for the mind...keeps you from going stir crazy! LOL

Have a good one!!

X Stitch X

March 12th, 2006

Greetings my fellow bloggers! Not much to report today I’m afraid. I’m slacking big time on the stitching front..I did manage a few stitches today in a birthday gift, but other than that not much progress on anything else. I need to pick Happy Everything back up but haven’t yet. Where are my stitchy cheerleaders when I need them?? LOL
Here on the East Coast, we have been having some lovely weather! Nice and warm but not excessively warm. You know the weather where you feel that if you just lie around in your naked luster, you’d still somehow have too much on and be sweating your weight in water! Well it’s coming as the summer is impending, but the weather I’m speaking of is the nice and warm weather..highs in the 70s..fresh air..ahhh : ) I don’t mind this kind of weather at all. Signs of spring are all around..the new buds on the trees, the daffodils, all the new life..makes you feel like going out and trying something new. I haven’t quite figured out what I'm going to try to do yet..I’ll keep you posted though. : )
Well life shall get back to normal by St. Patty’s day. That is when I will be returning home again..come hades or high water!! Sheesh...I’m beginning to forget what the place looks like...tho I’m sure the maid hasn’t come to clean the house...*sigh* Oh wait a minute..I”m her!! LOL But hey, what a glorious way to celebrate my Irish heritage...chasing dust bunnies : D Teehee...

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

March 10, 2006

Another day, another book started. LOL Notice I didn’t say stitching project being started, I said book. This time it’s the sequel to Angus that’s entitled On the Brightside I’m the Girlfriend of a Sex God by Louise Rennison. I’ll let you know how it is after I finish it. I got about 100 pages in last night being up till 3am reading. LOL I haven’t done that since college, stay up to the wee hours of the morning reading. I have done that in stitching mode, it’s called Christmas! LOL I’m sure all my fellow stitchers know exactly what I’m talking about..scarfing down the caffeine to keep your eyes and brain somewhat capable of pulling a thread through fabric with tiny holes. Plus, being able to decipher all those blasted reds and greens that SO many Christmas ornaments have while your fighting going to sleep. Y’all know what I’m talking about. : ) Anyhoo, that was today..pretty boring I know. I need to finish up some birthday gifts this weekend so tomorrow ( Sat ) will be stitching for sure! Only a few more days and I’m home again!! YAY!! :) Can’t wait! Hehehe...:)

Have a good one!

Happy Stitchin!!

X Stitch X

Progress on the layout: I figured out some of my headings as I’m going to be dividing this journal into more than just a stitchy journal. Musings will be just that...attacks of the know those annoying little fairies that whisper poetry and stories in your ear. LOL Stitchy stuff ( need a better title ) will be well..stitchy latest projects...finishes...details..etc. Kinks will be life’s kinks..rants, raves...or just simple problems I have with life...I borrowed this idea from T.. More to come.. : )

March 9, 2006

Howdy do blogging world. Yep, I’m still here. Just counting down the days till my life can return to normal. :) Though some would say it’s never been and never will be normal. LOL Anyhoo, upon this departure from the net world, I have reacquainted myself with an odd matter known as a book. What is this book you say?? Well it’s the bound material that someone took the time and angst to write either using a pen/notebook or heavens to betsy a typewriter! Gasp!! Sarcasm is my forte don’t you know. : ) But I’ve been doing stitching of course and when I can’t bear to stab the fabric anymore, I have picked up the bound mystery. In my quest for said item, I had read the book Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennsion as mentioned on Karen’s blog. I liked her style of writing that I went further into the jungle known as the public library and jungle is being nice, to see if she had written more books. Much to my delight, she has and I acquired two more of them to read during my hiatus. Feeling a bit odd though as I was in the Young Adult section and I being neither...well..I am still young..just not as young as these books are catered to, I glanced at the shelves of books. Now this is not known of me, but I love to read! The classics, mysteries, poetry...pretty much anything though I have yet to get into that sci fi world...far too intergalactic for my liking...but I did make an attempt on it one time. More on that later. Anyhoo, my reason for choosing books can be anything from the author, time period, to simply the cover. I have picked many a book based on the cover and I’m proud to say that I have good taste as I’ve enjoyed every one of them. :) But back to my initial rambling of being in a jungle of Young Adulthood, I stumbled across this book entitled, Click Here by Denise Vega. I was drawn by two things, first the title which for some reason did not irk me as normally when someone sees “click here” leads them to a dangerous world of scandalous images to which your reward is a total annihilation of your computer. Secondly, the fact that a book obviously dealing with the internet was in the fiction section of the Young Adult section. This struck me as odd simply because nearly every book in the jungle seemed to have teenage angst with puppy love written all over it and while it’s fun reading often conjures up my own teenage humiliations most of which I thought had been buried in the dark depths of my mind that with age I hope would go away.
Click Here is very simply a published blog written and coded by Erin P. Swift, a seventh grader who is about to embark on teenage hood and all the glory that comes with it. Boys, homework, fashion you know all the things that consume the adolescent mind making them completely different from the rest of the world causing them to isolate themselves. It’s quite a cute book actually. To Erin’s horror, she finds out that her best friend Jilly will be on a different track for school. The school divides it’s 450 seventh graders into to “tracks” , A, B, C in order to give everyone opportunity to make the most of themselves and their education. At first, Erin is mortified as her friend Jilly has basically controlled her life since Kindergarten and she worries that she will do everything wrong. However as with life, things change. Sorry for the shortened version of the story but I’m afraid I’d give too much away. :) Book reports were never my forte anyway.
So let the countdown begin, only 5 more days till I get to return home and be normal! YAY!

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Oh..and I will be making some massive changes to this blog in the future once I figure out my new design and layout! LOL However, don’t worry I will be keeping up to date on this blog and the new one will be on this site as well. Just wanted to let you know so stay tuned. :)

Howdy do to all my blogger friends out there! Just a quick check in to let you know what's going on as some of you have contacted me wondering where I've disappeared to. Good news is that the situation is resolving itself beautifully and T & I will be returning back to normal..(what is normal? LOL) March 15. I'll have the net and I'm sure I'll be spending a few days getting caught up on everyone's blogs and emails. I appreciate all the kind words and thoughts! :) You all are the best!!! I've been getting in PLENTY of stitching and will update you further on that come March 15. :)


Happy Stitchin!!!

What a long strange trip its been?! LOL

X Stitch X