Stitch's Showcase

Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Just a few days ago, the night sky was lit up with shooting stars. It was a sight to behold seeing all those stars fall from their grace in a majestic fashion. To watch them as they brightened the world one last time; only to quickly leave this world in a flame of light. It was breath taking! I was so mesmerized by this that I chose this layout for my blog to try and capture a small essence of what I saw. =)

Shooting stars are also reminders for us to wish. Wish for those things that lie deep within our hearts that even those closest to us might not know. I am in the process of making some of those wishes in my heart come true. It has not been an easy road; in fact at times it's been quite treacherous; but I'm stubborn and it's going to take more than a few bumps in the road to knock me off course. But enough of my rambling, I'm back and so is this blog. I apologize for the LONG hiatus but sometimes life just prevents you from having the time to write. So stay tuned as next post will actually include stitching photos. *gasp* Yes, Stitch has actually been stitching! =D

Welcome back readers...stop and stay for a while. I don't plan on leaving again. Thanks for your patience and support.


Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X

Greetings friends! More changes are occuring in my life; along with the weather. I will soon be moving to a place that is close to heaven on Earth as possible. It's just gorgeous!! I can't wait to live there and experience new things/surroundings/people. =) I'll have more time to get back to the things I love, my writing, my stitching, my sanity. Haha. My heart is guiding me there and it's just time to go and move on. So wish me luck as it's occuring at the end of this month. THen there is the search for a job which I have faith will happen soon. God willing plus this area is still calm from the economy wrath. Let's hope it stays that way. Happy Stitchin! *hugs*

X Stitch X

Well friends, I've got so frustrated with uploading my backgrounds and customizing my blog; that this month I went cheap and got a prefab template. I defintely like the style though the top decoration is a bit garish. I will have to play with the features and spice it up a bit more somehow. Come now, for those that know me, I have to add my own touch to things. ;) Speaking of change, I have decided that 2009 is going to have that them. I recently began this process by updating my glasses and the frames for the first time in about 5 years for the glasses, 10 for the frames. I put them on and didn't even realize I had blue eyes! LOL Just goes to show that coke bottle glasses do tend to hide your eyes and God gave me blue ones to show off. =)

On the homefront, still working my tail off it seems. Work is starting to settle down but with the recent economy; we have taken some cuts. Mainly our bosses attitude has gone from bitter to just plain sour. She's doing things all wrong. She's after the ones that actually do their job and doesn't give a flying fart in space about those that don't. We have people that come to work and do nothing but yet I get ridden like a horse if I don't do something. And just for the record, I've done it she's just too lazy to actually look to see that I've done it. The transition is going to be major as a lot of my coworkers will be leaving this next month or so. I have to be honest, I haven't seen this much movement in a company ever. However, I'm only there myself till I get my ticket to freedom and it's coming soon! =)

On the stitching front, I've been plugging away at the solider piece. All that red is going to drive me bananas!! It's not the actual red color, it's the 15 different shade variations. It's a Stoney creek which to me is like chocolate on a diet. You know you shouldn't have them but they are so pretty and when you endulge you go overboard. Then later on realize, what the hell have I gotten myself into. It'll be stunning if I can ever get it finished. Then it's on to other various small projects and nametags for my coworkers. They were supposed to be Christmas gifts but well, nevermind. =X So that's what I've been up to...I do hope to post more often. I miss writing and blogging. Maybe I'll make a tape of myself saying you must stitch and blog then fall asleep to it. During sleep the mind is quite responsive, hey it could work. LOL

Happy stitchin!!

X Stitch X

It's a new year. A whole 365 days to keep up with this blog. Let's hope I do a better job than last year! lol Happy New Year everyone! *hugs*

X Stitch X