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Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Hi blogging friends! I'm sure you think I've all but abandoned this blog and my stitchy friends. Fear not, I haven't...just been unable to post anything. Life has been very busy..coupled with I haven't really stitched in a long time...equals time away from the blog. I have kept each of you in my thoughts though, so does that count for something? ;) Hehe....

I'm not sure why I'm in such a stitching slump! I have so many PIFs and IOUs to complete...but every time I sit aside some time to stitch....I do something else. Read, write, bead; basically anything but stitch. I miss my hobby but I think I've really burnt myself out somehow. :( Even new stash doesn't appeal to me..which is TERRIFYING! LOLOL Though I do see some yummy threads on some of your blogs! :) I'm sure I'll work out of it soon. I still want to start Crane Paradise and a few other projects. I'm just in shock that nearly half of the year is already over. *insert open mouth wide-eyed face*

Still looking on the job front...hoping I can land something soon. People just don't call you anymore to tell you either way..."no thanks" or "we'd like to schedule an interview". Bah! :P Doesn't do much for the soul....But I digress.

Anyway, have a good one!!! *BIG HUGE HUGS* Know you are in my heart and prayers!

Love you to you all!

X Stitch X

PS. If you have some mojo lying around, please feel free to send it my way. LOL


mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo mojo......
Is that enough?
Nice to see you blogging, Ash. And crossing fingers for your job research (not easy to stitch with fingers crossed though... tell them they got to hire you so I can have my fingers released... Lol!!!).
Big huge hugs!

I think we have all been feeling a slumpy in the blogging and stitching areas lately! I wonder if it's catchy? I am just getting back into it, but like you, it seems that other hobbies have been taking up my time. I find visiting blogs quite an ecouragement, though!

If you don't hear from the company, call them. Maybe your initiative will be looked upon positively and give you a leg up on other applicants. :)

I miss you!!! Methinks you may have burned yourself out because you're such a giving person. Maybe you just need to do something small for YOU? Just my two-cents worth. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't stitched since April 16, but I've been crocheting up a storm! HUGS and I hope you get your mojo back soon.

Hope you feel much better soon and I'm sending you some MOJO now. :D

Anonymous said... 1:42 PM  

Lost my blogger pword, that's why I've not commented lately!
It'll come to me eventually, lol.