Stitch's Showcase

Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

No's not a's what I've been doing lately. Celtic knots and Kanji symbols. I finished one Celtic Knot and have three more to go, though I'm nearly done with a second one. Here is the finished one:

I'll take another picture or two tonight of what I'm working on next. Just want to put some more stitches in it so it actually looks like something. Haha.

Now, I got my RR back from my friend Lani in the mail last week. She also sent me a few yummies too! *Love ya sis!* Anyway, the theme was an RR to make into a pillow and knowing the crazy person that I am, I wanted to be different. I came across these Kanji symbols for the four seasons and after shouting Eureka at my computer and a few other choice words when the thing crashed, decided to do this as my theme. The rules were simple: stitch it in an overdyed thread that represents the season. I did Winter the one at the very top, (Blue/white). If I remember correctly it was a DMC Variegated one. Then came Fall, stitched by Lani (orange/red). On to Spring stitched by Patti (purple/pink) and finally Summer stitched by Lynne in Aus! They did a great job and I LOVE it!!! Now to put the yummy fabric on the back, add some flair and words..and viola..pillow!!! Thanks to my stitchers!! =)

So Happy St. Patricks Day!! It actually feels good to be posting STITCHING again on this blog! Haha! Enjoy!!


X Stitch X


Your celtic knot is really pretty!! Congrats on the finish sis. What floss did you use for it? Can't wait to see what you do with your Kanji pillow.

Love the Celtic knot, as well as your Kanji symbol round robin piece. Very clever idea for a theme and I think it'll look great as a pillow!

They look great, I love the different colors you used.

Really like your RR fisnished pice. Every one did a great job.