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Well as true Stitch style, I'm late with posting this entry as yesterday was Mother's Day but cut me some credit as it's not several months from then. Hehe. =) So with it being Mother's Day, I want to dedicate this entry to two incredible women, both mothers, that I know. Sara and Lani. Both are like sisters to me and just incredible people but I get more into that later.

First off yesterday, I spent the day spoiling Sara! I went over to her house and got her kids to clean their rooms and the house up. (Drill Sargent much) I exposed her to Quizno's Subs which she loved and made chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes. I told her not to move as it was her day off. Then I presented her with the sneaky part. I had come by earlier Saturday to get the kids to draw cards for her and her mother. (Grandma) You know me, I have to be sneaky and surprise somemone! =) Hehe. Anyway, we gave her the cards and then I gave her and her mother these bracelets that I had made. (The picture quality isn't that great- sorry)

First Sara's: Her Mother Bracelet that has her entire family on it with an angel charm that hangs down saying love. Each of the silver hearts has the first name initial of her kids, hubby and her. =) One big happy family!

Then her mother's is her Hope Bracelet. She has cancer so the bead color corresponds with the type of cancer she has and stands as a symbol of Hope.

Both deserving gifts! Sara is just an incredible woman raising five kids. She never seems tired and just keeps going like the energizer bunny. Her children truly know what a real mother is and that she loves them. She would do anything for them and it's because of her big heart. I love you Sara! =) You are a wonderful reminder of how mothers are supposed to be and deserve nothing but the absolute best in life!

Happy Mother's Day!!

X Stitch X


Sara said... 11:26 PM  

OMG! I don't know what to say. What can I say to this ... I'm speechless. I can't thank you enough for what you do nor can I express how much you mean to me. ILY!!

And yes ... this made me cry!

Anonymous said... 3:59 AM  

You are such an awesome friend!!! That was a super-duper gift for Sara.