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resident storm tracer. Egad!! What an incredible weekend if you are one of those crazy people that lives for twirly things from the sky! The only minor break from storms was Saturday and by then you were so tired staying up all night; you slept right through it. Or at least I did because I stay up to listen to the warnings/watches as I'm not a "seasoned" Midwesterner yet. Frankly, I don't think I ever will be as I hate twirly things. =P Moved to the wrong state, I hear you. Haha.

So this weekend was a bit productive as I got some mail that needed to be sent out. On the stitching front, nada but I have made a "business" decision to start selling my bracelets; like the ones I made for my friends. With everything going up which on a side note when a loaf of bread costs the SAME as a gallon of gas; something IS NOT right!! Anyway, as I was saying with everything going up; the extra cash will be a blessing provided I sell anything. I've asked several friends and they have said I could sell those bracelets easily, just don't cut the price too short as they are with genuine swavorski crystals/gems. So soon I will be popping up some prototypes on my etsy website and putting them in the craft cabinet at work. Wish me luck!

Well so far it appears to be a quiet night storm wise. Just some stats, 5 days over 150 tornadoes ALONE in my state!! Talk about someone being grumpy, Mother nature. However, with such a stormy terrible weekend we do have a beautiful week to look forward to of no storms. (Happy dance!!) And there is a positive element to having to run over to my friends house to hide in her basement; before the storm comes her hubby BBQs and MAN is it good!!!! I might pop up the next time the man does chicken! ;) Which reminds me I need to get some of his favorite cake mix and bake him a cake as a thank you because I'm sure he enjoyed having a panic-striken lady at his house for almost four nights! HAHA! ;)

So, that's a slight update. Oh yes, I'm actually working at work now. They moved me to corporate and I have been busy EVERY DAY! Hoorah!! So now that things are turning around a bit though I still don't like the storms, I might relax a bit and get some serious crafting/to do listing done! =) Wish me luck...

Happy Stitchin!!!

X Stitch X


Sara said... 2:56 PM  

Spend some more time over here and you'll receive more education as to cloud watching. This way you might not need to run in a panic. However, just know that you're always welcome, and not just when the sky is falling. I'm also sure he'll be happy to grill anything you want, especially when it's paired with his favorite cake. =) Now you understand why I always said he's a better cook than I am. I wasn't lying!!

Anonymous said... 1:11 AM  

Hang in there through the storms. You'll weather them! LOL And best of luck with your new business adventure! Love ya sis!!

If the storms get bad just open your blog...I love all the suns and yellows!!!