Stitch's Showcase

Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

What's this??? Am I actually typing online from a place other than a Wi-Fi station!!! gosh it is! LOL I'm back online my friends. Everything was finally hooked up yesterday! YAY!! So I am now diving deep into the messages I've missed while being away. It's sort of odd as I'm excited to be back online but sort of feel like a stranger again. It appears so much has gone on while I was away, not that I was expecting the world to cease..LOL It's just hard to jump right in...hmm...I'm sure I'll get over it.

Thank you all for those that read this while I was away! I do hope to make up for the lack of posts and give you those pictures I've promised. :)

Have a good one!

X Stitch X


I think you would probably want to remove Subscription to Q&E from your wishlist. Everyone is talking about it on San's blog...personally to me...such a disappointment.

Oh mi gosh! Ash! o_O

Welcome back to the real world! ;)

Yay! Welcome back! :o)

Woohoo! She's ALIVE! It's nice to have you back, girl! :)