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Howdy bloggers! Remember me?? LOL I want to know something. Who left the freezer door open in heaven again?? It is absolutely FREEZING! They are calling for some snow and sleet tomorrow which should make for a fun commute. Luckily, I don't have to go anywhere and neither does T. So we'll be huddled up in the house, staying warm and doing our various things. :)

Maybe tomorrow will be the day that I pull out the stitching needle again. Of course I am looking for a pattern to start that I've put somewhere and can't find now!!! Curses!!! I hate it when that happen. However, it's my fault because when I placed it in its spot, I said the dreadful phrase " I won't lose it now". *smacks forehead* That is a 100 percent guarantee that I WON"T find it now! LOL Ever notice how that happens???

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hi. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. :) Have some hot cocoa and some stitching time.


EDITED to add: Stay tuned for some details for my PAY IT FORWARD people :)

X Stitch X


Don't you just hate it when you put something where you know you will find it and the next thing you know, you can't find it!! Hope you find that pattern soon!!!

Staying tuned!

xxx Glad you're back

Hope you find the pattern soon. I am alway's loosing stuff then when I do not look for it it shows up. How ironic is that. God can close the frezzer door at any time. I'm soo ready for the warm weather.

I can't wait to see some stitching photos. What have you been up to while you've been offline? Plenty of stitching, I hope. :)