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Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Hello blogging friends! Yes it is true. I the one girl in the world it appears who loathes pink is using it for her blog. Now let me explain please. My favorite color is blue and I adore Chinese themes. I spent much of the past few days searching for Chinese themed blog backgrounds only to come up short handed. Once I learn how to master the art of making a seamless tile, this will change. However, I did come across this lovely Chinese Cherry Blossom pattern and despite it's wretched PINK...into my background folder it went. If I had my choice though, it would be a pale blue cherry blossom background..LOL but I digress. So my is pink. :P It is growing on me though.

Update on the PIF situation: I have heard from all members except for Angela..and I'm unable to reach her. So I will press forward with the ones I do have and hope that Angela will contact me soon. *waves...Yoo hoo????*

Now for my funny idiotic moment of the day. I got up this morning and came online to see a friend of mine on there. We started chatting as usual about life, our plans for the day, etc. So I began to tell her how I had to run to the post office and do a few things. I needed to send out a few packages, etc. I'm sure had I been in the room with her she would have been snickering as her next comment to me was : It's a holiday! I understand how people can often forget the days or the month. You get busy with other things, time slips by, I get it. Here's the clincher...I have THREE calenders staring me in the face everyday. My mini Garfield one on the fridge for that first morning laugh while muttering there is nothing to eat. The Puppy/Kitty one on the wall for that quick Awwwwww as you race out the door. Finally, the Almanac calender with the moon phases, weather predictions, where you pains are going to be..that sort of thing. I also own two that is blank and I draw pretty pictures in for the days..etc and my Procrastinator's Planner. Five means of finding out that today is a holiday...and I managed to miss them all. *smacks head* As Bill Engvall would say, Here's your sign!

So my readers, don't forget to actually look at your calenders once in a while because if you don't..and your friend is not online to stop could trek out in the cold, fight traffic and arrive at a PO that is closed due to President's day. Not a good way to start off a week....:p

Have a good one!! Happy Stitchin!!


X Stitch X


Um, yeah. I made the same mistake yesterday. Stupid holidays that other people get off and I don't... *grumble* Oh well. :)

Hi, Stitch. I just found your blog by following a link from the Yahoo needlework group we're both in. Anyway, I saw your commnet that you hate the pink cherry blossoms but can't change them. I've now got a light blue version of the same background if you'd like me to email it to you or something... (BTW -- I don't like pink either. Except very pale pink roses. I have no idea why I like those but nothing else of any shade of pink.)

-- "Kelyn of Broceliande"

Don't feel bad, yesterday was my step dads birthday and my mom totally forgot about it!! That is a sad thing to forget!!