Stitch's Showcase

Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Howdy do blogging world! Hope everyone is doing well..staying warm and dry. It has finally gotten warm here but like the snow that is melting; it appears it will be fleeting. They are calling from some sleety stuff this weekend but should rebound back to warmer temperatures. :) I know the heat bill will be grateful. LOL

Now...someone that reads this blog is a Saint!! This person must have read my complaint of how my stash of fabric was getting quite low. Who would of thought that?? Upon opening up yesterday's snail mail, I got a package FULL of fabric!!! I do mean FULL! Here is a picture of all the pretty colors....YUM!!! She's a sneaky one..but I love her anyway! LOLOL THANK YOU!!! :)

All these pretty colors and yummy fabrics inspired me to get busy with my needle again. I have been suffering quite badly from If I see another Cross Stitch project due to Christmas...I will seriously scream syndrome! But I did manage to stitch this which will be the front of a needle book and start this other piece. It will be a small pillow and has WAY too much black!!! OY!! Cross eyed much???

It came from a UK magazine as they were motifs in Art Deco. The threads are all Carrie's threads except for the black. It's hard to see but those are actually small pink beads. I know..I know more pink but it's for an exchange. ;)

This will be very similar to the rose above however it will have the initials of the person it's for and a bit bigger scale. :)

So that's pretty much all from my neck of the post hopefully I'll have a better update of the second piece. Have a good one!


X Stitch X


What a sweet person to give you all those fabrics! I like your stitching too, can't wait to see more! :o)

Very sweet fiend you have. They are just yummy colors. I have to dye mine if I want yummy colors like that. Happy stitching

Great friend....I'm jealous!!!! You are lucky!

Lovely fabric! What a fantastic find to have in your mail and how thoughtful of your friend. Your Rose is gorgeous too.

Our weather has been warmer lately as well, so our snow started to melt also. However, like you they are saying it will change, freezing rain/drizzle tonight through tomorrow, yuck. Stay warm,

Sure all these fabrics have what it takes to inspire you!!!
Your rose design is very beautiful!
Take care, dear Ash!
Hugs from Lili!

What an amazing RAK! I love the fabbie though and your two projects.