Stitch's Showcase

Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Good gracious!!! It's the seventh of March already! What happened to February??? *smacks forehead* Jeepers, I haven't updated in that long. Yikes! Let's see what's been going on with me. Not much honestly, I'm still working to become one of the productive members of society by acquiring a job. I'm just waiting on the interview phone calls. So keep your fingers crossed. Hehe...

On the stitching front, I have made some more progress on the rose piece but the batteries have died in my camera AGAIN! :P So when I replace them, I will post some pictures. Other than that...there's not much going on down here.

Maybe I'll have some more next time..but I did want to let everyone know that they haven't carried me off to the loony bin yet. LOLOL

Happy Stitchin!

X Stitch X


Hmmm... you need some rechargable batteries for that camera, dear girl! :) I think that we can forgive you for not posting. Looking for work can be very time-consuming. Good luck with your interviews! I hope that they call soon. *hug*

Your template is so beautiful!
Keeping fingers crossed for that job (not very easy to stitch this way!) lol!!!

It became March on my birthday..LOL
Good luck with the job hunting. I know you will find something soon.

Good luck on the job! Take some pictures... I love pictures... and yes March is already halfway done... ugh!