Stitch's Showcase

Come in and view the lens into Stitch's soul. Take what you will but remember that this photograph is a true original.

Hi everyone! Short message this morning...but here is the latest standings on my Pay It Forward.

Lani - Heard from
Dasha - Heard From
Cindy - Heard From
Stitchingnow - Heard From
QuiltorStitch - Working on Hearing From :)

Please email me at stitchertigger at yahoo dot com.

1. Favorite colors
2. Things you like. (dogs, cats, fabric..etc)
3. Your snail mail address.
4. One stitchy thing that you really are in need of right now.
5. Any other information you think might be pertinent. :)

Hope to hear from the rest soon! :D Come out come out..wherever you are! :D


X Stitch X


email and message on EMS on the way to you. Sorry I'm absent minded.LOL

Your email didn't work! Was it written down wrong? :( Let me know! thanks, Heather